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Interesting developments

Posted by blantern on January 18, 2017

So in the middle of my purifiers upgrade, I hit a snag. Well it wasn’t a major snag I packed in 3 No More Mr Nice Guys, instead of 4 so I was left with an issue. Do I proxy out the 4th one or keep rolling; well we have a no proxy rule, because a couple of years ago, I hated people who’d buy a deck, buy 4 mobilize and proxy until they got it. No! In the draft you used what you got, same thing in BYOS so I said no proxies to promote growth as players, plus it caused the more yugioh minded people to step their game up. So I have to practice what I preach (shout to William Stryker) so I ran in with 3 No more mr.Nice guy and 1 survival of the fittest, and it actually worked! Crazy I know but it did! I thought about both, but that’s doing too much; it was fun though!!!


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Card of the Moment: Common Cause

Posted by blantern on October 30, 2009

Card of the day is common cause, yes a team-up made it to the list again! (a record…)

First off, the text

Exhaust any number of characters you control and choose all their affiliations.

Ongoing: Crossover those affiliations.

The potential of this team-up is huge! Because of it I an dusting off my Skrull deck (with a couple of surprises) but I digress.

In a skrull deck, choose a character that has all opoising affiliations and exhaust him/her (Lylja, Mrs.Johnny Storm is the earliest drop; 4) now Black Bolt (Enemy Within) will be at 5/5 or better!!! But I digress yet again.

On the surface you may think this is useful for energize or 5 drop Mystique which is true to a degree the skrull will ve more tha. Efficent for the abuse of the card

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Upgrade in motion

Posted by blantern on October 16, 2009

So I decided to change up my purifiers deck. Honestly, survival of the fittest had been kicking my butt more than helping, and then it hit me one day. On the 3 drop, Lady deathstrike usually gets her butt handed to herself, so I decided to shift out Nimrod for 3, and it hit me! Switch out no more mr nice guy for survival of the fittest, and after two of those, it changed my 4,5 drops are sick! Now my problem is finding a 6,7 drops with shift that are useful. I’m thinking of cable and doop, but to be continued.

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Purifiers in Action!

Posted by blantern on October 16, 2009

Made some drastic changes to my purifiers deck, here are the pics, explanation coming soon

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Card of the moment: No More Mr Nice Guy

Posted by blantern on October 13, 2009

Long time coming…but first the text:

Ongoing: Non-army characters you control that share one or more names with a shifted card you own get +2/+2.

No More Mr.Nice guy, a card that has completely evolved Vs! From Cable to hulk, any character with the shift keyword, or weapon x can star in a solo deck that’s a problem! Back during the Golden Clone saga single character, I assembled Iron Man No More Mr Nice guy deck, you don’t want a ton of extremis upgrade 2/2 geeks walking around! Almost all characters with shift have big stats and those 2/2’s add up…quickly. 2 of these alone can almost outpump a beatdown! But this is a dangerious card, and weapon X (who’ll be festered later on) doesn’t help!

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Posted by blantern on September 28, 2009

Golden Age Dr.Doom Vs the dangerious X-23 + Domino combo! It was non crisis and actually closer to MHG BYOS save for 5 drop power hungry doom and cover fire! I out pumped x-23 with cover fire! Amazing!!

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Being more organized

Posted by blantern on August 14, 2009

The great catalog process begins….again.
I have decided to rebuild a golden and silver age book, mainly due to the sudden increase of formats and people wanting to mix things and themes up. I am debating on weither or Noe to go buy a common/uncommon toolbox. But until then….

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BYOS Mid-Week prediction

Posted by blantern on April 15, 2009

So the format is BYOS which is a big deal. Out of all formats for VS, BYOS is one of the more fair and most random. There is a flaw in almost every set, some bigger than others. But when you look at each and every set, you usually turn to the usual formula of search, attack and KO, and you also add mid to end game into the equation. There are a some possible weenie rush decks, but since most of the dangeroous cards are not in one set, there isn’t too much to worry about.

Marvel Origins:
Threats; Savage Beatdown, Coverfire, Burn rubber, Blindside, Gamma Bomb, Press the attack, Acrabatic Dodge, Betrayed, Flametrap, Surprise Attack, Flying Kick, nasty surprise

Team – Threats: Common Enemy, Brotherhood (Big or Little), X-Men (Though missing BAMF, and recovery cards hurt) Fantastic Fun (If possible)

Marvel Legends:
Savage beatdown, finishing move, only human, burn rubber,

Team threats: every team, from Family of 4, to MKKO, 198, or X-Men pure, Brotherhood pure. Not a weak team in sight.

My decks up to play:

Exiles, ( I never played the burn way, I am on-curve jump out. No Shadowcat, no sunfire)


I’ll update thoughout the week to get you up to speed on evrything and also pros and cons of the boxes.

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Skrull Perfection

Posted by blantern on March 26, 2009

Let it be known that I have a vision for the Skrulls from MHG to MEV. Perfection will be achieved

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Card of the Moment: Here Comes Tomorrow

Posted by blantern on March 26, 2009

Another Installment of the spot light on cards that has impacted the game, this time its a team-up.


First, here’s the text:

Ongoing: At the start of the combat phase, choose an affiliation among characters you control.
Crossover all affiliations chosen this way.

In any team-up deck, unless its with dual affilated characters of simular teams (JLA/JLI), you usually have more of one affilation than another, and once you get the other it’s usually a little too late.  But now, you have a way to bring two or more teams together, and it still keeps going. Its a few team-ups in Vs that has made a big impact, starting with Millennium from the Green Lantern [team up + Draw a card], Heroes for Hire [pay 1 to pass on 1 affilation] training day [team up once per turn] But Here Comes Tomorrow gets my vote for a notch above the rest because it stacks each turn, and it starts at the 2 cost.

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