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Hulk! Clone Saga?!?!? How?

Posted by blantern on August 3, 2009

This idea came from the 6 drop weapon X hulk. He can SHIFT!

That’s the deal breaker. I mean his effect alone is worth it, he can defend for free, but I digress. I wonder about the fantastic grey hulk, but I can’t get his effect off in a good way so baaaaaah. I basically gutted my warbound (!) deck and went all Hulks, I decided to add 4 no more mr nice guy and 4 of the weapon X Hulk cause he helps the cause. 4 of the warbound search, 1 Enemy of My Enemy, 1 hero of 2 worlds, means I can get A hulk at any moment. 4 Messiah complex, with massive attack cards. I have 2 8 drops, the warbound and the ultimates. I run 2 decimations so I can KO my field for the 8 drop (it’s an exile trick but I felt it appropriate for the situation) The only problem I can’t stop the Jean Grey lock, but planet weapon should help even the odds. Actually the only thing I have to stop the Jean Grey massive attack run without re-setting with the Phoenix is righteous Anger, then 28 direct. (After 8 the Jean Grey deck uses the 8 drop to reset so they can recruit the 5 and she’s massive, or they keep resetting until the 10 and have 2 5’s. Real nasty. All I can do is wait until they don’t recruit the 8, then go in for the kill


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