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The Skrull-nited States of America

Posted by blantern on March 30, 2009


Here is Skrull-invasion:


Black Bolt, Enemy Within

Black Rose – Roxanne Simpson

Blade, Vampire Slayer

Crime Doctor, Bradford Thorne

War Skrull, Skrull Infiltrator

Captain America, Skrull Imposter ,

Human Torch – Sparky

Ethan Edwards, Visitor from Another World

Lyja, Mrs. Johnny Storm

Elektra – Pawn of the Gorgon / Hydra

Xavin – Super Skrull

Super Skrull – Noble Sacrifice

Titannus, Alien Conqueror

Plot twits:

Call to arms

Signal Flare

Extended Family – Team-Up

Acts of Defiance, Team-Up

Here Comes Tomorrow, Team-Up

Interstellar Offensive

Alien Insurrection

Cutting Loose

Enemy of my Enemy

Have A Blast!

Death of a Dream


Tarnax IV


Quantum Bands

The Theory is pretty simple. Gain as many affiliation in play and abuse what you take. Each drop has something different to add.

  • 1 drop is black bolt, and we all know about the Q Bands abuse.
  • 2 Drop, well that’s a toss up. War Skrull is really for his effect, then after that its just a couple of useful 2 drops, Black rose to gain underworld, and also get characters from the KO Pile, blade is for burn, Crime Doctor exhausts 2 characters.
  • 3 Drop, Human Torch is the main focus, Cap comes on a underdrop to KO turn. Mainly he’s supposed to jump out with crime doctor and Q Bands on 6 for a 1 turn KO.
  • 4 Drop, well it determines the rest of the game, Ethan or Lylja. Nasty burn or nasty Attack.
  • 5 drop, has your main killer, Elektra. Xavin – Super Skrull is defense-like.
  • 6 drop, Super Skrull – Noble Sacrifice he’s mostly defense, under-drop if possible.
  • 7 drop, Titannus, Alien Conqueror, If done right, massive attack.

Q-Bands top priority for Black bolt, Lyja. Though Ethan, Titannus [if you under-drop on 6, they live so you bring out Super Skrull on 7 and here we are] are major attackers.

Plot twists are self explanatory. Here comes tomorrow, acts of defiance are main focus. Extended Family is to recover the cosmic as needed. Attack cards are needed, but your main attackers will be on 4 and 5, since the others are hidden or for burn.

Do The Math:

Ok, lets choose a character shall we, and add the Q-Bands:

Ethan Edwards, Visitor from Another World, (+1 Atk per affil he has)

Average team has about 4 diff affiliations, your will have about 4 different affiliations in play. So thats a potential 15 atk when you’re ready.


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