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Ain’t No Love, From the heart of the city…..

Posted by blantern on March 6, 2009


3 x H.E.R.B.I.E., Robot Nanny

1 x Black Widow, Femme Fatale

3 x Punisher, Suicide Run

1 x Luke Cage, Steel Hard Skin

1 x Echo, Masterless Samurai

1 x Medusa, Red

1 x Marvel Boy, Noh-Varr

2 x Mr. Fantastic, Critical Thinker

1 x Elektra, Masterless Assassin

3 x Punisher, Guns Blazing

2 x Thing, Heavy Hitter

2 x Submariner, Uncertain Ally

2 x Thing, The Everlovin Blue Eyed Thing,

1 x Hulk, The Fantastic Hulk

1 x Silver Surfer, Norrin Radd

Plot twists:

2 x Heroes of the City

2 x Neighborhood watch

1 x Wild Ride

4 x Quick Kill

3 x Defensive Formation

4 x Signal Flare

2 x It’s Clobberin’ Time!

3 x Reed & Sue

4 x Torch & Thing

1 x Bring the pain


2 x Pier 4


2 x Desert Eagle

2 x Brass Grill

1 x M60

2 x Scatter Gun

1 x Steel Girder

1 x Mandroid Prototype

The Deck is pretty straight forward, I used to play with Sniper Shots, but I traded that for Elektra Brass Knuckles combo. Since she has range, It won’t hurt to underdrop on 5 if I’m on the defense.


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MEV PREVIEW: Deadpool, Earth-5021

Posted by blantern on November 7, 2008


For starters, let’s clear the air about this teams sweetness:

Hunter, the new mechanic means:

“When this card enters play, choose an opposing character. That character becomes hunted by you.”

* Becoming hunted doesn’t do anything  itself,  but gives bonuses to the hunters (duh and duh I know)

* There can be multiple hunted characters in play, but only one character can be hunted by each player at a time. As a character becomes hunted by you, all other characters stop being hunted by you. (Which should give an idea of what cards to abuse)

* A character stays hunted by you:

– until it leaves play or another character becomes hunted by you

– even if it becomes stunned or loses its powers

– whether or not there are any hunters in play
Now, for the card of the moment…ladies and gents, sleeper agents and clones alike:

Deadpool, Earh 5021

3 drop 5/4 Range,

 Hunter, Shift


Activate,   remove deadpool from the game, shifted with one shift counter- target hunted character gets -X Def this attack, where X is it DEF.

Holy Schnikes! We already have seen this weapon’s X team has brought to the table. The hunter mechanic is beautiful, it adds a twist to beatdown, and they also revived gaining resource points to bring out bigger characters earlier, (Shadowpact) without any real set backs. But, lets talk about Wade Wilson first:

We all know his history, how he has one of the smartest mouths in marvel (his only real rival in that category is Spiderman) but enough of that, mr. Earth 5021 does two great things, he makes sure that your target falls flat on their face, and he shifts. Plus he’s a hunter so that means if you can re-shift him into play after recruit, you could put down two characters. The support around him is crazy. From Extended Monologue to Trouble with Clones, (which screams carrying the torch abuse!!!!!!!)



  •  5/4 so he can fight, or defend himself to a degree depending on who comes to the hidden to come get him.
  •  The fact that he cancels out a characters total defense (printed plus modified) means that you will not only stun, but also do some horrible breakthrough.
  • His effect makes people use cards or other effects to stop him. (Even though its not too hard to stop deadpool’s effect, the fact that he makes you use one or more cards or effects to do so, which is always a plus)


There is really no dramatic setback to his effect, other than plot twists/ effects that negate activated or target abilities. Even if someone runs into the hidden area to get him, he can target them and flee, but if anyone burns for activate powers will sting…but if since he will make all their DEF 0, you’ll get back that endurance and some!

Honestly, I cannot see a draw back to deadpool, 5021, even his flavor text (“Hope you don’t mind me dropping in” ) fits his effect. Which MEV comes out, I have my next brutal team.


Game on, Game Strong!!!

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Countdown to the City Champs!

Posted by blantern on September 5, 2008

Since its practically around the corner, I’ll be posting all legal decks I have until the big day, and also how they fare against a few decks running around now, teams include:

The 198
Heroes of the City ( Fan 4 + Marvel Knights)
Revenge Squad
Worlds Finest (Gotham Knights + Superman + JLA)
Secret Society
Joker’s Injustice Gang
Sweet Dreams (Arkham Inmates + Secert Society)

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