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Trying to fly with Alpha Flight

Posted by blantern on October 30, 2009

Trying to build a Alpha flught deck…stay tuned


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Purifiers in Action!

Posted by blantern on October 16, 2009

Made some drastic changes to my purifiers deck, here are the pics, explanation coming soon

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Card of the Moment: Origin Story

Posted by blantern on July 1, 2009

Origin Story

First the text:

To play, return a character you control to its owner’s hand.
Search your deck for a card with the same name as that character, reveal it, and put it into your hand.



  • If you’re playing clone saga or a legend-style deck, sacrifice your weakest drop of a character, pop with with Origin Story, now  have your NEXT drop but you also have a power-up.
  • You could go get the same identity and under drop with two characters,
  • On defense, if you stand to take a game-ending attack on you, origin story and tell them to try again minus their for that attack modifiers.
  • It can also get ARMY
  • 1 Cost


  • You have to have a character in play with the same name as a bigger drop in your deck.

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My Current 198

Posted by blantern on July 1, 2009

One of my four “Pride” Decks in Vs, the 198. A Little backstory, I ended up with (some of) the best brotherhood and X-Men legend stuff from MVL, so I slapped it together and ran with it, for better or worse . I have had some fun times with them [A Perfect HL win] before switching them out infavor of Exiles, Hulk, S.H.I.E.L.D, they are still considered my “number 1” of modern, which, in a lot of ways they are.

I became serious about my x-men deck, and with MEV I had enough extra firepower [mainly 4 drop sabertooth, but 1 drop prof. X helps] which changed things.


The only problem is, I still need to recruit a juggernaunt for the 7 drop’s effect to kick in.

X-Men assemble, that is also a Huge portion of the deck. The 198 already have average to above average stats, but now when they go down, they’ll be bigger coming back up!

(Note, 3 drop Wolverine, 4 drop sabertooth, 6 drop Rogue)

Cable now gives my deck the perfect 8 drop threat, I mean Xorn isn’t bad, not bad at all..but he dosen’t have a off-turn effect that’s a problem. Cable, does, if and I mean a strong IF you still have over 3 characters [With Unstoppable I highly doubt it but…] that’s some damage you’re gonna loose if Jugg’s got a chance to stun your characters up nice and good.

Not to mention the late game, [Rogue, Juggs, Cable] can stop most locks, [Juggs with a helmit = no star jammers, no iceman, no nothing]

But without any more interuptions ladies and gents, the New 198



Professor X – Mutant Messiah

Domino, Neena Thurman

Sauron, Mutant Vampire

Blink, Exile

Jean Grey, Teen Telepath

Nocturne, Talia Wagner

Juggernaut, Champion of Cyttorak

Wolverine, Logan

Iceman, Frosty

Sabretooth – Wounded Animal

Juggernaut, Walking Disaster

Rogue – Age of Apocalypse

Mimic – Earth-12 / Infected

Juggernaut, Weapon of Mass Destruction

Xorn, Champion of Mutantkind

Cable – Mutant Messiah

Plot Twists:

Children of the Atom

Battle Tactics


Graduating Class

Pathetic Attempt

Savage Beatdown

The 198, Team-Up

X-Men Assemble!




Muir Island


Underground Resistance

Xavier’s Institute Of Higher learning


Juggernaut’s Helmet

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Card of the moment Lyja, Mrs. Johnny Storm

Posted by blantern on July 1, 2009

First off, the text:

Lyja gains the affiliations of each other character you control.
Activate   target player loses 2 endurance for each different affiliation among characters he controls.

She is the great equalizer in my skrull deck. You burm for 2 per each affiliation. She holds down the board especally when blackbolt, enemy within becomes a higher curve attacker. You would then use acts of defiance, mix up 2 to the usual 2 or 3, then it becomes 10 or more a turn. Combine her with flame thrower on your 2 drop* (Cause he’s gonna be hidden 90% of the time) and you’re cooking with fire!

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Card of the Moment: Grudge Match

Posted by blantern on July 1, 2009


If target attacker has the same cost as a defender, this attacker gets +3 / +3 this attack.


To quote most sports announcers when it comes to a draft, “the rich get richer!”

A free 3/3 for on-curve attacking. Simple, and too the point. It’s drawbacks are really huge, and I mean those who exsist outside of the simple “you can’t under-drop and get it” or “it has to be on-curve.” The fact that its non-rare is dangerious enough, esp if

 you’re dealing with a team of beat-sticks (think Future-foes anyone..) its only true drawback, is that it can’t protect you from nasty surprise….

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Random deck Idea’s

Posted by blantern on April 16, 2009

injustce Gang team-Atk army burn with exiles! I know it is possible so now it’s a matter of putting the pieces together!!

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The Skrull-nited States of America

Posted by blantern on March 30, 2009


Here is Skrull-invasion:


Black Bolt, Enemy Within

Black Rose – Roxanne Simpson

Blade, Vampire Slayer

Crime Doctor, Bradford Thorne

War Skrull, Skrull Infiltrator

Captain America, Skrull Imposter ,

Human Torch – Sparky

Ethan Edwards, Visitor from Another World

Lyja, Mrs. Johnny Storm

Elektra – Pawn of the Gorgon / Hydra

Xavin – Super Skrull

Super Skrull – Noble Sacrifice

Titannus, Alien Conqueror

Plot twits:

Call to arms

Signal Flare

Extended Family – Team-Up

Acts of Defiance, Team-Up

Here Comes Tomorrow, Team-Up

Interstellar Offensive

Alien Insurrection

Cutting Loose

Enemy of my Enemy

Have A Blast!

Death of a Dream


Tarnax IV


Quantum Bands

The Theory is pretty simple. Gain as many affiliation in play and abuse what you take. Each drop has something different to add.

  • 1 drop is black bolt, and we all know about the Q Bands abuse.
  • 2 Drop, well that’s a toss up. War Skrull is really for his effect, then after that its just a couple of useful 2 drops, Black rose to gain underworld, and also get characters from the KO Pile, blade is for burn, Crime Doctor exhausts 2 characters.
  • 3 Drop, Human Torch is the main focus, Cap comes on a underdrop to KO turn. Mainly he’s supposed to jump out with crime doctor and Q Bands on 6 for a 1 turn KO.
  • 4 Drop, well it determines the rest of the game, Ethan or Lylja. Nasty burn or nasty Attack.
  • 5 drop, has your main killer, Elektra. Xavin – Super Skrull is defense-like.
  • 6 drop, Super Skrull – Noble Sacrifice he’s mostly defense, under-drop if possible.
  • 7 drop, Titannus, Alien Conqueror, If done right, massive attack.

Q-Bands top priority for Black bolt, Lyja. Though Ethan, Titannus [if you under-drop on 6, they live so you bring out Super Skrull on 7 and here we are] are major attackers.

Plot twists are self explanatory. Here comes tomorrow, acts of defiance are main focus. Extended Family is to recover the cosmic as needed. Attack cards are needed, but your main attackers will be on 4 and 5, since the others are hidden or for burn.

Do The Math:

Ok, lets choose a character shall we, and add the Q-Bands:

Ethan Edwards, Visitor from Another World, (+1 Atk per affil he has)

Average team has about 4 diff affiliations, your will have about 4 different affiliations in play. So thats a potential 15 atk when you’re ready.

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Skrull Perfection

Posted by blantern on March 26, 2009

Let it be known that I have a vision for the Skrulls from MHG to MEV. Perfection will be achieved

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Card of the Moment: Mystique – Raven

Posted by blantern on March 17, 2009

One random thing about Vs, there are some cards that should be rare, but isn’t. Plus there are rares that should be common/uncommon. Today’s focus, is not only a card that should be rare, and also changes the game in so many ways.


But for starters, lets go with the text:

Mystique has all character names while in your deck, hand, or ko’d pile.

Also, she’s a 1 drop 1/2 Range.

Now, she has all names, which means she has so many cards to combo off of, and she also makes more cards playable. Not since Harley Quinn, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, or Layla Miller – Butterfly has we have a NON-Banned, Janky 1 drop with multiple uses.

By herself, she can power-up any other character, which is powerful in any format.

For starters, Hero’s of Two worlds (To play, discard a character card.
Search your deck for three affiliated character cards with the same name. Reveal them, remove two from the game, and put the rest into your hand.
) Adding her to the mix of things makes this card so much better. You can discard her for the drop you want, or go get the drop you want, and two Mystique’s and throw them away for the card you want. (This also eliminates you drawing her on a later drop when you might need something a little bit better or more powerful.

Another use is Assorted Aliases (To play, discard a character card. Target character gets +3/+3 this attack if it’s a different version of the discarded card.) Which means discard her to get a +3/+3, which is good defense.

Fight or Die! ( Target warbound attacker gets +3 atk this attack.
Boost: Discard a card named hulk: That attacker gets an additional +3 atk this attack.

Warbound to The End(To play, discard a character card. Search your deck for a card named hulk. If you control hulk, you may search for any warboundcharacter card instead. Reveal that card and put it into your hand.)

Anger & Hate (To play, remove a secret society character card in your ko’d pile from the game.
Target attacker you control gets +4/+4 this attack if it has the same name as that card.

Now, for some character abuse!!!

Wolverine, Bub (Whenever wolverine enters combat, you may discard a card named wolverine. If you do, wolverine gets +3 atk this turn.)

Mastermind Excello (Activate, discard a card named hulk -> draw two cards)

The Purifiers, Army (Discard a card named the purifiers -> target character gets -2 atk or -2 def this attack.)

William Stryker ( At the start of the combat phase, return target card named the purifiers from your ko’d pile to your hand or to play.)

These are a few of her many modern uses/abuses, but either in draft or a sealed deck, having her in your deck has no real downside.

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