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Card of the Moment: Team Tactics

Posted by blantern on August 10, 2009

today we have a special CoTM!



Yes, thats right! Back  from MOR via Clone Saga Golden Single character, one of the most dangerious attack pumps, billed as a “poor mans (savage) beatdown” but in this format its quite dangerious.

But first, as always, lets state what the card says:


As an additional cost to play team tactics, exhaust a character you control. Target attacker with the same affiliation as the exhausted character gets +x atk, where x equals the attack of the exhausted character.

Now, I will simply point out some pro’s and con’s of the card, as well as some abuse.

The pro’s – You can get a massive atk boost, and also save a character from attacking. You can sacrifice a 2 or 3 into a 5 and exhaust a 4 to do so, not risking your setup in the process.

The Con’s- Its not a for the turn boost, so it someone resets the attack, then you’re basically screwed.


Abuse! Its a few combo’s, but here is a recipe of love for team tactics:



1 x Cyclops Astonishing X-Man

1 x 5 Drop Cyclops [Ultimates or Fearless Leader],

1 or 2 x Fearless Leader

1 or 2 x Team tactics

1 x Blind Sided

Setup is simple, blind side the victum, (pray they don’t origin story but….) Attack with Cyclops (6 drop), once its legal, team tactics his 5 drop  [+10 Atk], Cyclops effect triggers, and the 5 re-readies. Team tactics again [+10 Atk] then if you have a way to add another leg to the attack, fearless leader and Team tactics [+10 Atk]


So lets review Kiddies:

13 + 10 + 10  [if you have no other way to extend the combo] = 33 + Blindside = Game on a low drop.


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Card of the moment Lyja, Mrs. Johnny Storm

Posted by blantern on July 1, 2009

First off, the text:

Lyja gains the affiliations of each other character you control.
Activate   target player loses 2 endurance for each different affiliation among characters he controls.

She is the great equalizer in my skrull deck. You burm for 2 per each affiliation. She holds down the board especally when blackbolt, enemy within becomes a higher curve attacker. You would then use acts of defiance, mix up 2 to the usual 2 or 3, then it becomes 10 or more a turn. Combine her with flame thrower on your 2 drop* (Cause he’s gonna be hidden 90% of the time) and you’re cooking with fire!

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Card of the Moment: Grudge Match

Posted by blantern on July 1, 2009


If target attacker has the same cost as a defender, this attacker gets +3 / +3 this attack.


To quote most sports announcers when it comes to a draft, “the rich get richer!”

A free 3/3 for on-curve attacking. Simple, and too the point. It’s drawbacks are really huge, and I mean those who exsist outside of the simple “you can’t under-drop and get it” or “it has to be on-curve.” The fact that its non-rare is dangerious enough, esp if

 you’re dealing with a team of beat-sticks (think Future-foes anyone..) its only true drawback, is that it can’t protect you from nasty surprise….

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Card of the moment: Frog of thunder

Posted by blantern on April 14, 2009

Time for a new card of the Moment! I know that I have been busy for a while now, but I’m back!!


First off, the text:

Play only during the build phase.
To play, discard a character card.
Target an opposing character. Reveal cards from the top of its controller’s deck until you reveal a character card with the same cost as that character. If you do, ko that character and put that card into play in the same position. Shuffle all other revealed cards into that deck.

Now for all of you remembering how you dissmised this card as draft-only, or an insanity killer – I’m here to show you why you’re wrong! Well part wrong anyhow, it is a card built for stalling and locking.

For those of you who are wondering how can you stall, think of illumaniti. You can rotate a ready character for a new one who will be exhausted again. If someone has controll of what they’ll draw, you can get a good shuffle to throw them off.

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