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Stall out!

Posted by blantern on August 3, 2009

Due to a very random error, we ended up not having this weeks HL or the Saturday Post/Mock/ or 2nd HL. Very odd. I tweeked Doom to some close form of perfection. Plus kitted out a Quicksilver Deck. I game him one good team up (wpds finest) and went Brotherhood / Inhumans with a small avengers splash. The focus was to put a Nth Metal on the 4,5,6 drops and pop at people! I did good, but I haven’t began to shave off the fat, plu no pathetic attempts means everyone can go ape sh*t crazy with effects. I love off-curve attacking. Pretty crazy if I do say so myself, but who knows when I deck-tech it all the way


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Clone Saga Golden Update! Doom Vs Iron Man

Posted by blantern on August 2, 2009

Dr.doom vs Iron man, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen such a matchup and it most certanly won’t be the last. Dr.doom has een my main clone saga choice for a while, and with this format it seems only natural to use him. The “lock” on 6 drop shuts down almost everything…save iron man. Well, I have a pro defense deck. That is my nature, that’s how I think. During some play tests, I’ve been able to stall out until 6, with 2 bitter rivals, and pick them off with Planet weapon. I know, stall, burn, smack is kind of a cowards way, but hey, it’s the good Dr! But I never antcipated how powerful Iron Man is. Aside from an absurd amount of search, (2nd only to Mr.Fantastic) he can miss his 6 drop in favor of his 5, and all his drops are Omnipitence proof. If you ignore his draw finesse, the fact that you have a 3 drop attacker, is pure problems. Well, long story short, Doom would be locked Aldo by iron idiot on 6 if he had 2 of his ultimate out there with the 4 drop recovering him, plus only the new doom has flight so all I could do was put down 2 of his characters and he’d just recover his entire field. The key to winning this will of minds lies in diplomatic immunity, along with a cover fire with 5 drop doom. I was able to dupe him into playng a plot twist early on, and I stalled out until 7, where I recruted the attacking 6 drop doom from MUN, so I began to pick on his 4 and 5 drops while the 3,4, & 6 watched safely from the hidden area providing cover fire support. Then on the 8 drop I turned down all my stall cards and waiting on his set up. Thanks to a black box, 7 drop Iron Man wasn’t getting stunned, after exhausting all the big drops and a cover later I picked on his people. I used a combination of messiah complex along with 8 drop doom to keep them exhausted then just waited on planet weapon for the win.

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Iron Man golden clone saga single character

Posted by blantern on July 30, 2009

Iron Man Iron Man Iron Man. Ohh how tough it is to construct thee, actually I have a plan, a darn good one if I say so myself. I figured with only 2 3drops, 2 4 drops, 1 5,6, & 7, what can you do to make him a contender? The answer….. ALOT!!! The main thing is speed speed speed to get your combo’s flowing. At first, I wasn’t gonna risk it, but after actually taking apart my BYOS MUN S.H.I.E.L.D. Going No More Mr. Nice Guy makes some sense. I will put a heavy amount of search into the deck. Secret governments Avengers Assemble!, Avengers Re-Assemble!, Uncertain Legacys, we can rebuild him., black boxes for equips, covet fires, beatdowns, only humans, the deck is a real fighter. Well it’s about 65% done, but I will have the rest later on, and I will playtest till the cows come home!!!!

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Mid week update

Posted by blantern on July 30, 2009

So it’s Wednesday (even though thisnis clocking in after 12:01 AM) I made a good doom build. I need to shave off the fat of the deck. But I was able to out stall 2 8 drop Cosmic spiders, 1 starks protege, 2 5 drop Symbote spiderman and the 4 drop rare from MTU. I think that’s a good one.

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Format of the week: Clone Saga GOLDEN single character

Posted by blantern on July 28, 2009

New format, New drama!!!!!!

Rules: Clone Saga, golden, only 1 character.

I’m thinking of Blink, but who knows.


Captain America
Iron Man
Human torch
Invisible woman
Mr. Fantastic

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S.T.O.P! In the Name of S.H.I.E.L.D!

Posted by blantern on July 20, 2009

I made a shield/ crime lords burn deck. I fought against X-factor and Shadowpact decks. These are the pics, I’ll even post up scores:

Match 1
(S) vs (XFactor)

Game 1

Ended on 7 drop
Final score
47 to -12

On 3rd drop, I used Life Model Decoy’s boost to become iceman, hail hydra to team ip and cycled Cut off the head on 4 for Wolverine.

On 7 drop Assault on Hellicarrier 13 sealed the game away.

Game 2

34 – 0

On 4 th drop a Standford Incident (first time I’ve seen this played post draft) would stop me cold on 4, but it also destroyed his hand.

Match 1: Shield

Match 2:

This is where things got ugly, he began recruiting 1 drop professior X, and he began to look at the top of my deck disrupting my draw.

Game 1: X-Factor
Game 2 & 3: SHIELD

Match 3

Shield Vs Shadowpact

Thanks to LMD this wasn’t a huge missmatch.
What surprised me, he didn’t jump curve, plus the only answer I’d have to that would be Nick fury and cutting off the head for 8 a turn. Also I made sure to keep KO’ing his Locations so he can’t gain too much life.

Game 1: 35 – 2
Game 2: 39 – 12
Game 3: 32 – -6

Match 3:

Shield vs X-Men mental

Won both games, scores and notes to be added later.

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Big exiles vs little exiles!

Posted by blantern on July 13, 2009

It’s funny when you look at the title alone. Exiles themselfs are extremely hard to beat as a team, with their 4 turn KO formation, so why play with anything different? Well, to answer that question is simple: When I first saw the previews of MEV I saw the idea of jumping out with 2 5 drops, 3 6 drops, and I began to jump for joy. The Vs plays I play against, they like playing my “big” exiles because I don’t common bond-sunfire you to death. Instead I simply draw, shift, hide behind no more mr nice guy until I get Sasqatch and try to get he stupid big. On 7 drop I use 7 drop blong along with Magnus twice and leave heather alone at almost 30. On 8 I keep heather alone at almost 40, shift heather out and bring her back in or endangered species if she gets stunned. That’s the long and short of my “big” exiles. It’s almost BYOS save for pathetic attempt and Syphon Energy. Due to no more mr nice guy and the blink! ongoing plot twist flight and range isn’t a problem.

But out of this meeting of exiles it went like this.

Game 1, both of us had bad draws, but due to some blink and beak saves the day-ing, I won on the 5 drop
Game 2, I got common-bonded on 4,
Game 3, I was able to cycle all of my drops, I won with 2 5’s, and thanks to Albert, 4 6 drops, (cause he makes mimic non-unique) with a magnus – time broker combo deal breaker as I call it.

For now, “Big” exiles are the top dog, but with the threat of being common bonded killed limgers from 4 to 5 drop, if you can set up for it, you can live! Oh I’ll post my big exiles up later on.

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Tribute to The King!

Posted by blantern on July 9, 2009

It’s a bit late, but it’s still what’s needed. Words can’t describe the man and the legend. Few people in our lifetime do we meet powerful people, and even rarer that we meet someone reach a cosmic status, but MJ was one of them!!! R.I.P. MJ the King!

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Card of the Moment: Origin Story

Posted by blantern on July 1, 2009

Origin Story

First the text:

To play, return a character you control to its owner’s hand.
Search your deck for a card with the same name as that character, reveal it, and put it into your hand.



  • If you’re playing clone saga or a legend-style deck, sacrifice your weakest drop of a character, pop with with Origin Story, now  have your NEXT drop but you also have a power-up.
  • You could go get the same identity and under drop with two characters,
  • On defense, if you stand to take a game-ending attack on you, origin story and tell them to try again minus their for that attack modifiers.
  • It can also get ARMY
  • 1 Cost


  • You have to have a character in play with the same name as a bigger drop in your deck.

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My Current 198

Posted by blantern on July 1, 2009

One of my four “Pride” Decks in Vs, the 198. A Little backstory, I ended up with (some of) the best brotherhood and X-Men legend stuff from MVL, so I slapped it together and ran with it, for better or worse . I have had some fun times with them [A Perfect HL win] before switching them out infavor of Exiles, Hulk, S.H.I.E.L.D, they are still considered my “number 1” of modern, which, in a lot of ways they are.

I became serious about my x-men deck, and with MEV I had enough extra firepower [mainly 4 drop sabertooth, but 1 drop prof. X helps] which changed things.


The only problem is, I still need to recruit a juggernaunt for the 7 drop’s effect to kick in.

X-Men assemble, that is also a Huge portion of the deck. The 198 already have average to above average stats, but now when they go down, they’ll be bigger coming back up!

(Note, 3 drop Wolverine, 4 drop sabertooth, 6 drop Rogue)

Cable now gives my deck the perfect 8 drop threat, I mean Xorn isn’t bad, not bad at all..but he dosen’t have a off-turn effect that’s a problem. Cable, does, if and I mean a strong IF you still have over 3 characters [With Unstoppable I highly doubt it but…] that’s some damage you’re gonna loose if Jugg’s got a chance to stun your characters up nice and good.

Not to mention the late game, [Rogue, Juggs, Cable] can stop most locks, [Juggs with a helmit = no star jammers, no iceman, no nothing]

But without any more interuptions ladies and gents, the New 198



Professor X – Mutant Messiah

Domino, Neena Thurman

Sauron, Mutant Vampire

Blink, Exile

Jean Grey, Teen Telepath

Nocturne, Talia Wagner

Juggernaut, Champion of Cyttorak

Wolverine, Logan

Iceman, Frosty

Sabretooth – Wounded Animal

Juggernaut, Walking Disaster

Rogue – Age of Apocalypse

Mimic – Earth-12 / Infected

Juggernaut, Weapon of Mass Destruction

Xorn, Champion of Mutantkind

Cable – Mutant Messiah

Plot Twists:

Children of the Atom

Battle Tactics


Graduating Class

Pathetic Attempt

Savage Beatdown

The 198, Team-Up

X-Men Assemble!




Muir Island


Underground Resistance

Xavier’s Institute Of Higher learning


Juggernaut’s Helmet

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