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Interesting developments

Posted by blantern on January 18, 2017

So in the middle of my purifiers upgrade, I hit a snag. Well it wasn’t a major snag I packed in 3 No More Mr Nice Guys, instead of 4 so I was left with an issue. Do I proxy out the 4th one or keep rolling; well we have a no proxy rule, because a couple of years ago, I hated people who’d buy a deck, buy 4 mobilize and proxy until they got it. No! In the draft you used what you got, same thing in BYOS so I said no proxies to promote growth as players, plus it caused the more yugioh minded people to step their game up. So I have to practice what I preach (shout to William Stryker) so I ran in with 3 No more mr.Nice guy and 1 survival of the fittest, and it actually worked! Crazy I know but it did! I thought about both, but that’s doing too much; it was fun though!!!


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Trying to fly with Alpha Flight

Posted by blantern on October 30, 2009

Trying to build a Alpha flught deck…stay tuned

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Upgrade in motion

Posted by blantern on October 16, 2009

So I decided to change up my purifiers deck. Honestly, survival of the fittest had been kicking my butt more than helping, and then it hit me one day. On the 3 drop, Lady deathstrike usually gets her butt handed to herself, so I decided to shift out Nimrod for 3, and it hit me! Switch out no more mr nice guy for survival of the fittest, and after two of those, it changed my 4,5 drops are sick! Now my problem is finding a 6,7 drops with shift that are useful. I’m thinking of cable and doop, but to be continued.

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Iron Man golden clone saga single character

Posted by blantern on July 30, 2009

Iron Man Iron Man Iron Man. Ohh how tough it is to construct thee, actually I have a plan, a darn good one if I say so myself. I figured with only 2 3drops, 2 4 drops, 1 5,6, & 7, what can you do to make him a contender? The answer….. ALOT!!! The main thing is speed speed speed to get your combo’s flowing. At first, I wasn’t gonna risk it, but after actually taking apart my BYOS MUN S.H.I.E.L.D. Going No More Mr. Nice Guy makes some sense. I will put a heavy amount of search into the deck. Secret governments Avengers Assemble!, Avengers Re-Assemble!, Uncertain Legacys, we can rebuild him., black boxes for equips, covet fires, beatdowns, only humans, the deck is a real fighter. Well it’s about 65% done, but I will have the rest later on, and I will playtest till the cows come home!!!!

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Golden Goodness

Posted by blantern on December 24, 2008

Im cleaning out my common box and found something!
Pinned, Msm-155.
Whenever target attacker readied during the combat phase this turn, exhaust it unless it’s controller discards a card from his hand.

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Playing Modern DC (DCL, DWF)

Posted by blantern on September 11, 2008

By definition, modern style of play consists of the two most recent boxes to be released, which means you have to pull from those 4 boxes (two marvel, two DC) to create a deck. For the record, we’re in a DC drought right now, which doesn’t hurt me too much cause I’m marvel all the way. But, a good number of the people I love to play are DC-based, with Marvel Decks, so lets hope DC brings it in for the future.

This is my ongoing look into the pool of teams someone would pull from to bring a team to your local neighborhood Hobby League tourney, on the DC side of things, with pro’s and cons:

Gotham Knights: Or Batman and friends!

  • Pro’s: Some of the best negation / control in the game right now.
  • Con’s: Half of the deck is hidden, no real power house.

Notes: Average states and no real attacks means they are screaming to be teamed up, and although batman has an answer for individual characters/effects, he is weak against teams as a whole (think Shield or Avengers anyone?)

Final word: Team them up! The top team-ups worth mentioning are insanity, which can pull from anywhere; World’s Finest, best of bats and Supes, or the JLA.

Team Superman: Its Supes, or the big blue boyscout

  • Pros: Defending for them is quite easy, (flying high, Indestructible,) Nice pumps.
  • Cons: Nothing to negate effects, fight real late (5th drop is the quickest), since the deck revolves around one central character, long term effects will hinder the deck, (think Elecktra Situation or worse) no real useful low drops, just people Superman needs to save.

Notes: Supes alone, which the deck revolves around, is damn dangerous. You have a 4 drop with no cost, a 5 drop that gets +1/+1 for each character you control, a 6 drop which can stun any attacker (but he targets…..) a 7 drop which gives you -2 Atk if you Atk a superman, (which will be on the field with 4, 5, 7,) and a 8 drop who can stun someone if she team attacks or is team attacked, (though I wish she was 17/20, cause at 19/19, its rare to be team-attacked.) bad low drops.

Final Word: Team Supes has some nice attacks, and excellent defense, but most feared teamed up. Insanity, or Worlds Finest. Bats n Supes is a beast to deal with.

Justice League: Comes in two main flavors, Flash’um, or The League!

  • Pros: Its the JLA, they have no real useless weapon in their curve. Great variety to their team, but the main two which has given people problems are The JLA (bats, wonder woman, and supes, flash, wonder woman / supes, manhunter.) Or Flash-JLA, which is the same starting curve, with cards so that Flash mops the floor with you, batman stops your back row and effects, and woman woman controls most of your pumps, while Supes just waits for some direct action. Great defense card
  • Cons: Since Ego gem is gone, bats and wonder woman’s effects will become costly, they all play support, with no real attacker below Superman.

Final Word: JLA, a very dangerous deck. With a good hand, the flash is gonna kill you, or you’ll be so low, (on characters and health) you might give up. Other than the fact that a lot of their cards require you to discard a JLA  character, this is a complete team with little to no drawbacks.

World’s Finest:  Best of both worlds, Bats n Supes. Also comes with an hint of JLA.

  • Pros: Combines some of the better (if not best) control the DC Universe has to offer right now. With their team up card (the hook-up) you can discard useless characters to draw.
  • Cons: Fighting starts on the later side (after 4 drop), half of the deck is hidden (even though getting through to their visible characters isn’t a picnic either)

Final Word:Well, Worlds Finest or the JUST-US League, is a pretty powerful deck. Batman waiting while superman does all the hard work. Not to mention the cards that they both have to help each other. Other than the fact that they lack a realthreat of an 8 drop, 9 supes, not to mention all his support, makes beating them as difficult as possbile.

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