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Iron Man golden clone saga single character

Posted by blantern on July 30, 2009

Iron Man Iron Man Iron Man. Ohh how tough it is to construct thee, actually I have a plan, a darn good one if I say so myself. I figured with only 2 3drops, 2 4 drops, 1 5,6, & 7, what can you do to make him a contender? The answer….. ALOT!!! The main thing is speed speed speed to get your combo’s flowing. At first, I wasn’t gonna risk it, but after actually taking apart my BYOS MUN S.H.I.E.L.D. Going No More Mr. Nice Guy makes some sense. I will put a heavy amount of search into the deck. Secret governments Avengers Assemble!, Avengers Re-Assemble!, Uncertain Legacys, we can rebuild him., black boxes for equips, covet fires, beatdowns, only humans, the deck is a real fighter. Well it’s about 65% done, but I will have the rest later on, and I will playtest till the cows come home!!!!


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My Current 198

Posted by blantern on July 1, 2009

One of my four “Pride” Decks in Vs, the 198. A Little backstory, I ended up with (some of) the best brotherhood and X-Men legend stuff from MVL, so I slapped it together and ran with it, for better or worse . I have had some fun times with them [A Perfect HL win] before switching them out infavor of Exiles, Hulk, S.H.I.E.L.D, they are still considered my “number 1” of modern, which, in a lot of ways they are.

I became serious about my x-men deck, and with MEV I had enough extra firepower [mainly 4 drop sabertooth, but 1 drop prof. X helps] which changed things.


The only problem is, I still need to recruit a juggernaunt for the 7 drop’s effect to kick in.

X-Men assemble, that is also a Huge portion of the deck. The 198 already have average to above average stats, but now when they go down, they’ll be bigger coming back up!

(Note, 3 drop Wolverine, 4 drop sabertooth, 6 drop Rogue)

Cable now gives my deck the perfect 8 drop threat, I mean Xorn isn’t bad, not bad at all..but he dosen’t have a off-turn effect that’s a problem. Cable, does, if and I mean a strong IF you still have over 3 characters [With Unstoppable I highly doubt it but…] that’s some damage you’re gonna loose if Jugg’s got a chance to stun your characters up nice and good.

Not to mention the late game, [Rogue, Juggs, Cable] can stop most locks, [Juggs with a helmit = no star jammers, no iceman, no nothing]

But without any more interuptions ladies and gents, the New 198



Professor X – Mutant Messiah

Domino, Neena Thurman

Sauron, Mutant Vampire

Blink, Exile

Jean Grey, Teen Telepath

Nocturne, Talia Wagner

Juggernaut, Champion of Cyttorak

Wolverine, Logan

Iceman, Frosty

Sabretooth – Wounded Animal

Juggernaut, Walking Disaster

Rogue – Age of Apocalypse

Mimic – Earth-12 / Infected

Juggernaut, Weapon of Mass Destruction

Xorn, Champion of Mutantkind

Cable – Mutant Messiah

Plot Twists:

Children of the Atom

Battle Tactics


Graduating Class

Pathetic Attempt

Savage Beatdown

The 198, Team-Up

X-Men Assemble!




Muir Island


Underground Resistance

Xavier’s Institute Of Higher learning


Juggernaut’s Helmet

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There’s No Need to fear…..Batman/Superman is here! (With Friends!)

Posted by blantern on July 1, 2009

First off…WOW This post was supposed to be posted up months AGO. I just found it hidden under private, but better late then never right? This is a batman / Superman beat-down-ish deck. Unlike most of the dirty tricks or best of the best stall/slap/lock decks, I built mine to have loads of fun. Sweeeeet fun. Nothing wrong with the dirty tricks-stall to Christopher Reeve Superman- but that’s not my style (Note, we call Superman, bulletproof Christopher Reeve) but I do have a deck type that I would love to see somebody run.
World’s Finest


Alfred Pennyworth, Faithful Friend

Maggie Sawyer, Gotham Central

Tim Drake * Robin, Titan in Command

Krypto, Guard Dog of El

Batman, Problem Solver

Superman, Last Son of Krypton

Huntress, Harsh Mistress

Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace,

Superman, Metropolis Marvel

Superman, Man of Tomorrow

Batman, Cape and Cowl

Superman, Deterrent Force

Superman, Founding Member

Kara Zor-El <> Supergirl, Claire Connors

Superman, Bulletproof


Plot Twists


Bat Got Your Tongue?

Brains and Brawn

At Your Service

At Their Finest

Best of the Best


From the Darkness


The Hook-Up, team-up


For the Man Who Has Everything

Savage beatdown


Cadimus Labs



The build is simple, lock the field, use Superman Metropolis Marvel As defense and attack with Last son of Krypton. Other than Krypto, the low drops all serve a purpose. Plus its a good chance to under drop.

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Random deck Idea’s

Posted by blantern on April 16, 2009

injustce Gang team-Atk army burn with exiles! I know it is possible so now it’s a matter of putting the pieces together!!

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The Skrull-nited States of America

Posted by blantern on March 30, 2009


Here is Skrull-invasion:


Black Bolt, Enemy Within

Black Rose – Roxanne Simpson

Blade, Vampire Slayer

Crime Doctor, Bradford Thorne

War Skrull, Skrull Infiltrator

Captain America, Skrull Imposter ,

Human Torch – Sparky

Ethan Edwards, Visitor from Another World

Lyja, Mrs. Johnny Storm

Elektra – Pawn of the Gorgon / Hydra

Xavin – Super Skrull

Super Skrull – Noble Sacrifice

Titannus, Alien Conqueror

Plot twits:

Call to arms

Signal Flare

Extended Family – Team-Up

Acts of Defiance, Team-Up

Here Comes Tomorrow, Team-Up

Interstellar Offensive

Alien Insurrection

Cutting Loose

Enemy of my Enemy

Have A Blast!

Death of a Dream


Tarnax IV


Quantum Bands

The Theory is pretty simple. Gain as many affiliation in play and abuse what you take. Each drop has something different to add.

  • 1 drop is black bolt, and we all know about the Q Bands abuse.
  • 2 Drop, well that’s a toss up. War Skrull is really for his effect, then after that its just a couple of useful 2 drops, Black rose to gain underworld, and also get characters from the KO Pile, blade is for burn, Crime Doctor exhausts 2 characters.
  • 3 Drop, Human Torch is the main focus, Cap comes on a underdrop to KO turn. Mainly he’s supposed to jump out with crime doctor and Q Bands on 6 for a 1 turn KO.
  • 4 Drop, well it determines the rest of the game, Ethan or Lylja. Nasty burn or nasty Attack.
  • 5 drop, has your main killer, Elektra. Xavin – Super Skrull is defense-like.
  • 6 drop, Super Skrull – Noble Sacrifice he’s mostly defense, under-drop if possible.
  • 7 drop, Titannus, Alien Conqueror, If done right, massive attack.

Q-Bands top priority for Black bolt, Lyja. Though Ethan, Titannus [if you under-drop on 6, they live so you bring out Super Skrull on 7 and here we are] are major attackers.

Plot twists are self explanatory. Here comes tomorrow, acts of defiance are main focus. Extended Family is to recover the cosmic as needed. Attack cards are needed, but your main attackers will be on 4 and 5, since the others are hidden or for burn.

Do The Math:

Ok, lets choose a character shall we, and add the Q-Bands:

Ethan Edwards, Visitor from Another World, (+1 Atk per affil he has)

Average team has about 4 diff affiliations, your will have about 4 different affiliations in play. So thats a potential 15 atk when you’re ready.

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Rejoice!! For The Purifiers have come to Show you the way!!!

Posted by blantern on March 6, 2009


First off, lets get this out the Way:

Hi Honey!! I’m Baack!!! (Ye s I’m a true sentinel Fan….I’ve actually fought with almost EVERY sentinel character, save for the MXM one)bastion1

Vs has finally brought back the Sentinels…well as Purifiers now. Before I explain my deck and the way I want to play, I need to get this off my chest:  The Dark direction that X-Force has taken, I love it. Not only have we finally been able to see the more violent members of the X-Men cut loose, but they have given them an excellent villain to fight against. The original Villain of all mutants, Bastion. So, why is it that the team gets such a half-assed job?? Purified, had potential to be almost as deadly as Only human, but instead they made it only able to stop activated effects, and it doesn’t stop Energize!! ! 2nd, Why is Bastion so useless?? The army gives you a negative 2 atk or def, why should we have to settle for 1? I’d rather have him KO something or be another 5 drop MUN Spiderman. The only advantage, is if you need to get a purifier out your hand and back to your hand using william’s effect. The name of the team is PURIFIERS, meaning we have to kill ALL of the unclean!!!! This is my belief and thus this explains some things about my deck

The first thing, about my build you might or might not notice, I have 7 KO cards, the reason, I believe with a name like purifiers, we should KO or cleanse the board of those who oppose us. The deck is still in test phase, as we have only 1 birthing chamber, but 4 reinforcement cards, though I’m thinking of switching to graduating class and duty calls. Burn Rubber is nice, but those two cards are superior.

Search, if you noticed, its 4 straight to the graves, 4 messiah complexes, well thats a super no- brainer. I mainly use Straight to put a purifier into the KO pile for William to feed on, but if I’m missing a drop then its rescue mission. Also, I enjoy using Messiah Complex in the late game to go get Death or Danger with a boost, it makes damange so much easier when you’re gaining 8 or 10.

Survival of the fittest, I was suggested to put this in the deck, and although we usually loose Lady deathstrike, if we’re lucky, we can attack, re-ready and finishing move before she died. Survival is key for the fact that it helps William and Nimrod get bigger with little to no effort.

Late game lineup, if you noticed, my 6 and 7 have a similar theme. That’s because I wanted to put in a average stat 6 drop that can help the deck so far, and making my opponent discard (though the wording means if they pathetic attempt then nothing happens. 7 drop, Havok has nice stats, plus his effect. Which is not that hard to get off, really. The 8 drop, she is soooo broken, if I can have 4 plus characters on the field with a survival, that’s game. For all of you who don’t know, Danger says whenever a character you control enters combat, put a +1/+1 on all characters you control. So 3 purifers = (2 + 2 + 2) + (3 + 3 + 3) = 15 attack, which means I can knock  down a low 7 or 6 and below, while pumping up my charcters. My goal, to bring death to all who oppose the will of the Purifiers

What I’m lacking, attack cards, 2 more rogue squadrons, 1 more birthing chamber,  1 more backrow remover, and  maybe a origin story or two.


1 x Death, The Second Force of the Universe

1 x Danger, The Singularity

2 x Havok, Proud Son

1 x Korvus, Korvus Rook’Shir

4 x Bastion, Prime Sentinel

4 x Nimrod, Killing Machine

2 x Lady Deathstrike, Lady for Hire

4 x William Stryker, Fundamentialist

2 x Matthew Risman, Leader of the Purifiers

8 x The Purifiers, Army

Plot Twists:

1 x Have A Blast!

1 x Burn Rubber

1 x Endangered Species

1 x Cutting Loose

1 x Rogue Squadron

1 x Duty Calls

2 x Pathetic Attempt

2 x Finishing Move

2 x Graduating Class

3 x Purified

3 x Nasty Surprise

4 x Straight to the Grave

4 x Messiah Complex

4 x Survival of the Fittest


1 x Birthing Chamber

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Ain’t No Love, From the heart of the city…..

Posted by blantern on March 6, 2009


3 x H.E.R.B.I.E., Robot Nanny

1 x Black Widow, Femme Fatale

3 x Punisher, Suicide Run

1 x Luke Cage, Steel Hard Skin

1 x Echo, Masterless Samurai

1 x Medusa, Red

1 x Marvel Boy, Noh-Varr

2 x Mr. Fantastic, Critical Thinker

1 x Elektra, Masterless Assassin

3 x Punisher, Guns Blazing

2 x Thing, Heavy Hitter

2 x Submariner, Uncertain Ally

2 x Thing, The Everlovin Blue Eyed Thing,

1 x Hulk, The Fantastic Hulk

1 x Silver Surfer, Norrin Radd

Plot twists:

2 x Heroes of the City

2 x Neighborhood watch

1 x Wild Ride

4 x Quick Kill

3 x Defensive Formation

4 x Signal Flare

2 x It’s Clobberin’ Time!

3 x Reed & Sue

4 x Torch & Thing

1 x Bring the pain


2 x Pier 4


2 x Desert Eagle

2 x Brass Grill

1 x M60

2 x Scatter Gun

1 x Steel Girder

1 x Mandroid Prototype

The Deck is pretty straight forward, I used to play with Sniper Shots, but I traded that for Elektra Brass Knuckles combo. Since she has range, It won’t hurt to underdrop on 5 if I’m on the defense.

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Some United Villains [Arkham, Injustice Gang, Secret Society]

Posted by blantern on December 13, 2008

badguysThis deck is truly funny. It incorporates about three different decks in one. The first one, is field domination via the jokes on you!, but then it evolved into almost total destruction, by throwing in Secret Society and Injustice Gang with a splash of Arkham.I always wanted to make a Sunburst deck when I read what it does. Once I saw its cost, I looked for a 2 drop to use, and Zazzala fit the build perfectly. When looking at the deck, injustice for all seemed to be the way to go. But that didn’t interest me, so the other other theme I could figure that would help the deck is Jokes on You!, Joker was already a good 4 drop, [though Hush is the perfect one for field destruction, yes I have a hush/darkseid duet deck..I’ll post later] Darkseid is the strongest 5 drop for this deck, so I decided to add remote facility to the equation, due to the high amount of discard cards in the deck. I also decided to play off of 4 drop joker, and also All too easy, thats why I added 4 gang-ups, since I have Charaxes to sacrifice into bigger drops, because he can keep coming back, its no real way for sunburst to backfire on you!!
Characters (1-8)

3 x The Joker @ Red Hood, The Man Who Laughs
1 x The Riddler, Riddle Me This
3 x Zazzala @ Queen Bee, H.I.V.E. Monarch
1 x Charaxes, Moth Monster
4 x Two-Face, Jekyll and Hyde
3 x The Joker, Headline Stealer
1 x Hush – Silent and Deadly
3 x Darkseid, Destroyer of Life
1 x Lex Luthor, Metropolis Mogul
3 x The Joker, Killer Smile
1 x Supernova, Daniel Carter
1 x Basil Karlo @ Ultimate Clayface, Mud Pack
1 x Bat-Mite, 1 Fan

Plot twists:

4 x Secert files
2 x Blind Side
4 x All Too Easy
4 x Gang-Up
3 x Nasty Surprise
2 x From the Shadows
2 x Death Trap
2 x Pathetic Attempt
2 x Sunburst
2 x The Joke’s On You!
2 x Have a Blast!
1 x Crackshot

2 x Remote Facility
3 x Laughing Gas

Step by Step:

1 Drop: Joker and The Riddler:  Joker is the main star in the deck, but you just cannot deny the power of the Edward Nigma (The Riddler if you’ve been under a rock for the past 10 or more years) out the gate. Joker with laughing gas sets up your intended 2 drop.

2 Drop: The Queen and Charaxes: The Queen Bee, is the main drop because of sunburst. Since she’ll be at 4/4, she’ll be ok defending, and you can send joker into their 2 drop for sunburst food.

3 Drop: Two-Face: Discard a card, which is mainly to get charaxes in the KO pile, or to keep your 2 drop at 4/4.

4 drop: Where the fun starts!!! Joker and Hush. Hush is mainly for defense, which explains the nasty surprise. Joker, you should be able to flip a jokes on you!, Hopefully you can scarifice you’re 2 drop into a 3 or 4 with a All too easy. Then you can send two-face into the other one. Joker attacks direct or picks on a low drop with a from the shadows to stop nasty surprise.  Joker swings last, so you could return a character or two back to their owner’s hand to further his own effect.

5 Drop: Luthor and Darkseid! Luthor is mainly because of his massive defense, and he could prove to be a bit of a problem. Darkseid furthers the idea of killing. {While defending, I thought of using home surger but because my 6 drop is joker usually, I decided against it} Team up Secret Society and Injustice gang, then Arkham with either of them if needed.

-* If you have Odds that game *- Clear their field, Joker should attack direct, or clear their field so you will have the advantage on 6 and up!

6 drop: Joker, This is the strongest attacking drop. Really, you should be able to almost end the game at this point. If you went through alternate drops, then it should be Luthor,  Charaxes,  Hush MAYBE, but if done right Hush should kill the 4th and 5th drop. If not, then it should be darkseid, Charaxes and joker. Depending on their formation, you want to blindside, joker and a couple of all too easy! so you could stun two characters. Even if they pathetic attempt the stun, you still should get massive breakthrough and massive burn from one attack. If you miss the 6, ram Darkseid into the 6 to KO it, since they might’ve just taken about 15 from that swing [if they PA the stun] so an additional 12 should be out of the question. Charaxes is there to death trap their 6.  {On an interesting note, I have went into the 7 drop, with only Charaxes or no characters in play. }

7 drop: The deck isn’t designed to make it this far, but Clayface is a 16/16.

8 Drop: The same as 7, Bat-Mite is 18/20, should be clean up!

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Darkseid is the BEST SEID!

Posted by blantern on December 7, 2008

Silver Age Darkseid

Darkseid CoolMr. Mr. Darkseid, replacing on the curve.

We all know and love his ways…here’s the deck


2 x Mad Harriet

2 x Apokoliptian Zealots

4 x Malice Vundabar

3 x Dark Firestorm, Mockery

4 x Darkseid Apokoliptian Oppressor

1 x Dark Warrior, Mockery

1 x Darkseid, 8th Century

1 x Darkseid, Destroyer of life

1 x Dark Superboy, Mockery

2 x Darkseid, The Omega

1 x Dark Champion, Mockery

1 x Dark Kryptonian * Dark Superboy, Mockery

3 x Kara Zor-El * Supergirl, Female Fury

1 x Darkseid, Dark God

1 x Darkseid, Nemesis

Plot twists:

1 x Servats of Darkness

1 x Unravel Reality

1 x Lord of Apololips

1 x Dark Fury

1 x End Game

1 x Thank Granny Goodness

2 x All Hail Darkseid!

2 x Price of Treason

2 x Ancient Evils

2 x Anti-Life

3 x Titans of Tomorrow

3 x Created from Hate

3 x No Match for Darkseid

3 x Omega Effect


2 x Dark Matter Drain

1 x Planet Weapon

1 x Ancient Throne

2 x 31st Century Apokolips

The main focus is resource control with some burn. Which is really effective, I decided to add in the mockery crew because of the effects they bring to the table. [draw, extra stun, more atk] The only modification I would make is on the 5, the old 5 drop [8th century] is nice, but Destroyer of life is so much more dangerous. [its featured in another deck which I have constructed and will post up soon]

There are 3 cards that make Darkseid non-unique. The other way I ran this deck, I used 4 of the team-ups and used Dessad, Dark Side Therapy so I could have Anger and Hates, along with unnatual selection, but then I reverted back to this build due to the constant hands full of Secret Society cards and no Secret Society character. All in all, he has nice control, oh planet weapon with dark matter drain is such a must, so you can eliminate any low cost face up resources and get them for 3 or better. Unravel reality is actually quite powerful in this deck also, and the fun part is that due to the high number of search cards, [3 created from hate 4 titans of tomorrow] you bypass pathetic attempt, and due to your locations Omnipotence isn’t an issue. Other than a high amount of backrow removers, this deck really have no weakness.

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Punisher and the Frank Castles…plan to rock you ALL NIGHT!!!

Posted by blantern on October 2, 2008

This is a the rough draft of my idea for Frank castle clone, these are just the cards I’d use. i will begin to slim down for ratio of cards each drop. There are still two ways to run this deck. I have better experience with MK FAN 4 together.

Heroes of the City:

Herbie on 1, he alone is worth the Fan 4 team up. He moves equips and makes 1 cost (the biggest cost equips in the deck) equips free. Black widow for support.

Punisher on 2, but he dosen’t attack, just survive for sniper shot food.

Punisher or Mr. Fantastic on 3. You should team-up by now, Eurika or 100 idea’s or carrying the torch if you can, if not, pump sniper shot.

Punisher on 4, New Baxter Building, pop Herbie for Scatter gun or steel girder, begin the terror.

Punisher or Elektra or thing (I might drop him) on 5, Sniper shot.

Punisher or  Elektra on 6, Flip a pier 4, double brass grill, start shooting.

If you remove the fantastic four, then just increase character search, protect sniper shot, and keep the two visible characters up.

Characters: (from 1 drop to 7 drop)

H.E.R.B.I.E., Robot Nanny

Black Widow, Femme Fatale

Punisher, Suicide Run

Punisher – Secret Avenger

Mr. Fantastic – Flexible Thinker

Mr. Fantastic, Critical Thinker

Elektra, Masterless Assassin

Punisher, Guns Blazing

Thing, Heavy Hitter

Punisher – Captain America

Punisher, Angel of Death

Plot twists:

Heroes of the City

Carrying the torch

Neighborhood watch

Wild Ride

Quick Kill

it’s Clobbering Time

Defensive Formation

Penance Stare

Savage beatdown

Assorted Aliases

Signal Flare

Reed & Sue

Torch & Thing

The 100 Ideas


Uncertain Legacy

Pathetic Attempt


New Baxter Building

Pier 4


Ego gem

Desert Eagle

Brass Grill


Scatter Gun

Steel Girder

Med Kit

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