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Right before the action…some of the info you should know

When we review, rate or speak of teams in VS system, there are a few terms that we like to throw around, which makes communication really easy, and sometimes really confusing. So I decided to take some time to name and define those terms for you so you!


Oh and this post is ongoing, so you should check back from time to time so you can learn whats what, and who’s who!


Deck type: Before you start naming the stamp of the team, STOP! What type refers to, is how the deck functions, the basic deck types are Stall, burn, beatdown, and control. Then it gets a bit deeper, with Swarm, curve, equipment and off-curve.

Deck Purpose: That is, what type of victory do you hope to achieve with these set of cards.

Weakness: Simple enough, what card(s) can either hinder or defeat the deck.

Strengths: What the team does, or can do that’ll make you want to play with them, or go WOW!

Team Stamped: Cards that only one team can use. (before any team up)

Natural: Another, and more cooler name for team-stamped cards.

Speed: Refers to two things; One, the cards that a deck has in order to get cards (characters, equipment etc.) needed for combo’s, and Two, how quickly and efficiently a deck can get its desired results, (or victory for YOU!)

Deck checklist: Refers to the basic cards that a team needs to be efficient, which includes:

  • Search cards: Team stamped cards that get other cards
  • Natural Revival / KO Cards: Team stamped can use to either recover or KO cards.
  • Natural Modifiers: Team stamped cards that can add or take away ATK or DEF.
  • KO Pile Modifiers: Team stamped cards that allow you to go into the KO Pile or OOP Zone.
  • Natural Team-Ups: A Team up card with two specific teams with benifits. They are called natural because Vs wants them together.

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