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Card of the Moment: Team Tactics

Posted by blantern on August 10, 2009

today we have a special CoTM!



Yes, thats right! Back  from MOR via Clone Saga Golden Single character, one of the most dangerious attack pumps, billed as a “poor mans (savage) beatdown” but in this format its quite dangerious.

But first, as always, lets state what the card says:


As an additional cost to play team tactics, exhaust a character you control. Target attacker with the same affiliation as the exhausted character gets +x atk, where x equals the attack of the exhausted character.

Now, I will simply point out some pro’s and con’s of the card, as well as some abuse.

The pro’s – You can get a massive atk boost, and also save a character from attacking. You can sacrifice a 2 or 3 into a 5 and exhaust a 4 to do so, not risking your setup in the process.

The Con’s- Its not a for the turn boost, so it someone resets the attack, then you’re basically screwed.


Abuse! Its a few combo’s, but here is a recipe of love for team tactics:



1 x Cyclops Astonishing X-Man

1 x 5 Drop Cyclops [Ultimates or Fearless Leader],

1 or 2 x Fearless Leader

1 or 2 x Team tactics

1 x Blind Sided

Setup is simple, blind side the victum, (pray they don’t origin story but….) Attack with Cyclops (6 drop), once its legal, team tactics his 5 drop  [+10 Atk], Cyclops effect triggers, and the 5 re-readies. Team tactics again [+10 Atk] then if you have a way to add another leg to the attack, fearless leader and Team tactics [+10 Atk]


So lets review Kiddies:

13 + 10 + 10  [if you have no other way to extend the combo] = 33 + Blindside = Game on a low drop.


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