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Clone Saga Golden Update! Doom Vs Iron Man

Posted by blantern on August 2, 2009

Dr.doom vs Iron man, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen such a matchup and it most certanly won’t be the last. Dr.doom has een my main clone saga choice for a while, and with this format it seems only natural to use him. The “lock” on 6 drop shuts down almost everything…save iron man. Well, I have a pro defense deck. That is my nature, that’s how I think. During some play tests, I’ve been able to stall out until 6, with 2 bitter rivals, and pick them off with Planet weapon. I know, stall, burn, smack is kind of a cowards way, but hey, it’s the good Dr! But I never antcipated how powerful Iron Man is. Aside from an absurd amount of search, (2nd only to Mr.Fantastic) he can miss his 6 drop in favor of his 5, and all his drops are Omnipitence proof. If you ignore his draw finesse, the fact that you have a 3 drop attacker, is pure problems. Well, long story short, Doom would be locked Aldo by iron idiot on 6 if he had 2 of his ultimate out there with the 4 drop recovering him, plus only the new doom has flight so all I could do was put down 2 of his characters and he’d just recover his entire field. The key to winning this will of minds lies in diplomatic immunity, along with a cover fire with 5 drop doom. I was able to dupe him into playng a plot twist early on, and I stalled out until 7, where I recruted the attacking 6 drop doom from MUN, so I began to pick on his 4 and 5 drops while the 3,4, & 6 watched safely from the hidden area providing cover fire support. Then on the 8 drop I turned down all my stall cards and waiting on his set up. Thanks to a black box, 7 drop Iron Man wasn’t getting stunned, after exhausting all the big drops and a cover later I picked on his people. I used a combination of messiah complex along with 8 drop doom to keep them exhausted then just waited on planet weapon for the win.


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