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S.T.O.P! In the Name of S.H.I.E.L.D!

Posted by blantern on July 20, 2009

I made a shield/ crime lords burn deck. I fought against X-factor and Shadowpact decks. These are the pics, I’ll even post up scores:

Match 1
(S) vs (XFactor)

Game 1

Ended on 7 drop
Final score
47 to -12

On 3rd drop, I used Life Model Decoy’s boost to become iceman, hail hydra to team ip and cycled Cut off the head on 4 for Wolverine.

On 7 drop Assault on Hellicarrier 13 sealed the game away.

Game 2

34 – 0

On 4 th drop a Standford Incident (first time I’ve seen this played post draft) would stop me cold on 4, but it also destroyed his hand.

Match 1: Shield

Match 2:

This is where things got ugly, he began recruiting 1 drop professior X, and he began to look at the top of my deck disrupting my draw.

Game 1: X-Factor
Game 2 & 3: SHIELD

Match 3

Shield Vs Shadowpact

Thanks to LMD this wasn’t a huge missmatch.
What surprised me, he didn’t jump curve, plus the only answer I’d have to that would be Nick fury and cutting off the head for 8 a turn. Also I made sure to keep KO’ing his Locations so he can’t gain too much life.

Game 1: 35 – 2
Game 2: 39 – 12
Game 3: 32 – -6

Match 3:

Shield vs X-Men mental

Won both games, scores and notes to be added later.


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