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Big exiles vs little exiles!

Posted by blantern on July 13, 2009

It’s funny when you look at the title alone. Exiles themselfs are extremely hard to beat as a team, with their 4 turn KO formation, so why play with anything different? Well, to answer that question is simple: When I first saw the previews of MEV I saw the idea of jumping out with 2 5 drops, 3 6 drops, and I began to jump for joy. The Vs plays I play against, they like playing my “big” exiles because I don’t common bond-sunfire you to death. Instead I simply draw, shift, hide behind no more mr nice guy until I get Sasqatch and try to get he stupid big. On 7 drop I use 7 drop blong along with Magnus twice and leave heather alone at almost 30. On 8 I keep heather alone at almost 40, shift heather out and bring her back in or endangered species if she gets stunned. That’s the long and short of my “big” exiles. It’s almost BYOS save for pathetic attempt and Syphon Energy. Due to no more mr nice guy and the blink! ongoing plot twist flight and range isn’t a problem.

But out of this meeting of exiles it went like this.

Game 1, both of us had bad draws, but due to some blink and beak saves the day-ing, I won on the 5 drop
Game 2, I got common-bonded on 4,
Game 3, I was able to cycle all of my drops, I won with 2 5’s, and thanks to Albert, 4 6 drops, (cause he makes mimic non-unique) with a magnus – time broker combo deal breaker as I call it.

For now, “Big” exiles are the top dog, but with the threat of being common bonded killed limgers from 4 to 5 drop, if you can set up for it, you can live! Oh I’ll post my big exiles up later on.


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