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There’s No Need to fear…..Batman/Superman is here! (With Friends!)

Posted by blantern on July 1, 2009

First off…WOW This post was supposed to be posted up months AGO. I just found it hidden under private, but better late then never right? This is a batman / Superman beat-down-ish deck. Unlike most of the dirty tricks or best of the best stall/slap/lock decks, I built mine to have loads of fun. Sweeeeet fun. Nothing wrong with the dirty tricks-stall to Christopher Reeve Superman- but that’s not my style (Note, we call Superman, bulletproof Christopher Reeve) but I do have a deck type that I would love to see somebody run.
World’s Finest


Alfred Pennyworth, Faithful Friend

Maggie Sawyer, Gotham Central

Tim Drake * Robin, Titan in Command

Krypto, Guard Dog of El

Batman, Problem Solver

Superman, Last Son of Krypton

Huntress, Harsh Mistress

Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace,

Superman, Metropolis Marvel

Superman, Man of Tomorrow

Batman, Cape and Cowl

Superman, Deterrent Force

Superman, Founding Member

Kara Zor-El <> Supergirl, Claire Connors

Superman, Bulletproof


Plot Twists


Bat Got Your Tongue?

Brains and Brawn

At Your Service

At Their Finest

Best of the Best


From the Darkness


The Hook-Up, team-up


For the Man Who Has Everything

Savage beatdown


Cadimus Labs



The build is simple, lock the field, use Superman Metropolis Marvel As defense and attack with Last son of Krypton. Other than Krypto, the low drops all serve a purpose. Plus its a good chance to under drop.


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