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My Current 198

Posted by blantern on July 1, 2009

One of my four “Pride” Decks in Vs, the 198. A Little backstory, I ended up with (some of) the best brotherhood and X-Men legend stuff from MVL, so I slapped it together and ran with it, for better or worse . I have had some fun times with them [A Perfect HL win] before switching them out infavor of Exiles, Hulk, S.H.I.E.L.D, they are still considered my “number 1” of modern, which, in a lot of ways they are.

I became serious about my x-men deck, and with MEV I had enough extra firepower [mainly 4 drop sabertooth, but 1 drop prof. X helps] which changed things.


The only problem is, I still need to recruit a juggernaunt for the 7 drop’s effect to kick in.

X-Men assemble, that is also a Huge portion of the deck. The 198 already have average to above average stats, but now when they go down, they’ll be bigger coming back up!

(Note, 3 drop Wolverine, 4 drop sabertooth, 6 drop Rogue)

Cable now gives my deck the perfect 8 drop threat, I mean Xorn isn’t bad, not bad at all..but he dosen’t have a off-turn effect that’s a problem. Cable, does, if and I mean a strong IF you still have over 3 characters [With Unstoppable I highly doubt it but…] that’s some damage you’re gonna loose if Jugg’s got a chance to stun your characters up nice and good.

Not to mention the late game, [Rogue, Juggs, Cable] can stop most locks, [Juggs with a helmit = no star jammers, no iceman, no nothing]

But without any more interuptions ladies and gents, the New 198



Professor X – Mutant Messiah

Domino, Neena Thurman

Sauron, Mutant Vampire

Blink, Exile

Jean Grey, Teen Telepath

Nocturne, Talia Wagner

Juggernaut, Champion of Cyttorak

Wolverine, Logan

Iceman, Frosty

Sabretooth – Wounded Animal

Juggernaut, Walking Disaster

Rogue – Age of Apocalypse

Mimic – Earth-12 / Infected

Juggernaut, Weapon of Mass Destruction

Xorn, Champion of Mutantkind

Cable – Mutant Messiah

Plot Twists:

Children of the Atom

Battle Tactics


Graduating Class

Pathetic Attempt

Savage Beatdown

The 198, Team-Up

X-Men Assemble!




Muir Island


Underground Resistance

Xavier’s Institute Of Higher learning


Juggernaut’s Helmet


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