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BYOS Mid-Week prediction

Posted by blantern on April 15, 2009

So the format is BYOS which is a big deal. Out of all formats for VS, BYOS is one of the more fair and most random. There is a flaw in almost every set, some bigger than others. But when you look at each and every set, you usually turn to the usual formula of search, attack and KO, and you also add mid to end game into the equation. There are a some possible weenie rush decks, but since most of the dangeroous cards are not in one set, there isn’t too much to worry about.

Marvel Origins:
Threats; Savage Beatdown, Coverfire, Burn rubber, Blindside, Gamma Bomb, Press the attack, Acrabatic Dodge, Betrayed, Flametrap, Surprise Attack, Flying Kick, nasty surprise

Team – Threats: Common Enemy, Brotherhood (Big or Little), X-Men (Though missing BAMF, and recovery cards hurt) Fantastic Fun (If possible)

Marvel Legends:
Savage beatdown, finishing move, only human, burn rubber,

Team threats: every team, from Family of 4, to MKKO, 198, or X-Men pure, Brotherhood pure. Not a weak team in sight.

My decks up to play:

Exiles, ( I never played the burn way, I am on-curve jump out. No Shadowcat, no sunfire)


I’ll update thoughout the week to get you up to speed on evrything and also pros and cons of the boxes.


One Response to “BYOS Mid-Week prediction”

  1. I can’t wait to hear about all the broken decks from DSM 🙂

    I couldn’t find a place to comment on the ‘Frog of Thunder’ review, but I thought I’d let you know that there’s a sweet little combo floating around the new involving James Barnes, Out in the Cold. Since Frog of Thunder forces a character to leave and enter play, every time you Frog someone, you get to add a counter to Barnes! Run him in an Alpha Flight deck and you get to reuse Frog of Thunder multiple times!

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