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Card of the moment: Frog of thunder

Posted by blantern on April 14, 2009

Time for a new card of the Moment! I know that I have been busy for a while now, but I’m back!!


First off, the text:

Play only during the build phase.
To play, discard a character card.
Target an opposing character. Reveal cards from the top of its controller’s deck until you reveal a character card with the same cost as that character. If you do, ko that character and put that card into play in the same position. Shuffle all other revealed cards into that deck.

Now for all of you remembering how you dissmised this card as draft-only, or an insanity killer – I’m here to show you why you’re wrong! Well part wrong anyhow, it is a card built for stalling and locking.

For those of you who are wondering how can you stall, think of illumaniti. You can rotate a ready character for a new one who will be exhausted again. If someone has controll of what they’ll draw, you can get a good shuffle to throw them off.


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