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Card of the Moment: Cutting Loose

Posted by blantern on March 7, 2009

One of the bigger Jaw droppers of MEV is Cutting Loose.


Each of up to two target characters gets +2 atk while attacking this turn.
Pros: It boosts 2 characters for the price of one, which can make up for a sloppy formation, or if you are dealing with characters that can make a attack not legal, (Save Flying High, think  characters with evasion) you won’t waste attack pumps, plus it makes 2 characters attackable, if they have average or above average stats.

Cons: When compared to the other “while attacking cards” they bring something else to the table. You get +2 Atk for 2 characters, but no flight or range. I know, people will say that’s asking too much, and it really is, but that is still the only downside to the card.

This is a card that changes how alot of decks are played. Esp.  army decks, one cutting loose means 2 army [1 cost] characters can get a 4 drop, [Shield abuse!!! Wolverine anyone?!?!?]  IThough no pathetic attempt, this card just changes a lot of things (and its not even rare!!!. )


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