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Rejoice!! For The Purifiers have come to Show you the way!!!

Posted by blantern on March 6, 2009


First off, lets get this out the Way:

Hi Honey!! I’m Baack!!! (Ye s I’m a true sentinel Fan….I’ve actually fought with almost EVERY sentinel character, save for the MXM one)bastion1

Vs has finally brought back the Sentinels…well as Purifiers now. Before I explain my deck and the way I want to play, I need to get this off my chest:  The Dark direction that X-Force has taken, I love it. Not only have we finally been able to see the more violent members of the X-Men cut loose, but they have given them an excellent villain to fight against. The original Villain of all mutants, Bastion. So, why is it that the team gets such a half-assed job?? Purified, had potential to be almost as deadly as Only human, but instead they made it only able to stop activated effects, and it doesn’t stop Energize!! ! 2nd, Why is Bastion so useless?? The army gives you a negative 2 atk or def, why should we have to settle for 1? I’d rather have him KO something or be another 5 drop MUN Spiderman. The only advantage, is if you need to get a purifier out your hand and back to your hand using william’s effect. The name of the team is PURIFIERS, meaning we have to kill ALL of the unclean!!!! This is my belief and thus this explains some things about my deck

The first thing, about my build you might or might not notice, I have 7 KO cards, the reason, I believe with a name like purifiers, we should KO or cleanse the board of those who oppose us. The deck is still in test phase, as we have only 1 birthing chamber, but 4 reinforcement cards, though I’m thinking of switching to graduating class and duty calls. Burn Rubber is nice, but those two cards are superior.

Search, if you noticed, its 4 straight to the graves, 4 messiah complexes, well thats a super no- brainer. I mainly use Straight to put a purifier into the KO pile for William to feed on, but if I’m missing a drop then its rescue mission. Also, I enjoy using Messiah Complex in the late game to go get Death or Danger with a boost, it makes damange so much easier when you’re gaining 8 or 10.

Survival of the fittest, I was suggested to put this in the deck, and although we usually loose Lady deathstrike, if we’re lucky, we can attack, re-ready and finishing move before she died. Survival is key for the fact that it helps William and Nimrod get bigger with little to no effort.

Late game lineup, if you noticed, my 6 and 7 have a similar theme. That’s because I wanted to put in a average stat 6 drop that can help the deck so far, and making my opponent discard (though the wording means if they pathetic attempt then nothing happens. 7 drop, Havok has nice stats, plus his effect. Which is not that hard to get off, really. The 8 drop, she is soooo broken, if I can have 4 plus characters on the field with a survival, that’s game. For all of you who don’t know, Danger says whenever a character you control enters combat, put a +1/+1 on all characters you control. So 3 purifers = (2 + 2 + 2) + (3 + 3 + 3) = 15 attack, which means I can knock  down a low 7 or 6 and below, while pumping up my charcters. My goal, to bring death to all who oppose the will of the Purifiers

What I’m lacking, attack cards, 2 more rogue squadrons, 1 more birthing chamber,  1 more backrow remover, and  maybe a origin story or two.


1 x Death, The Second Force of the Universe

1 x Danger, The Singularity

2 x Havok, Proud Son

1 x Korvus, Korvus Rook’Shir

4 x Bastion, Prime Sentinel

4 x Nimrod, Killing Machine

2 x Lady Deathstrike, Lady for Hire

4 x William Stryker, Fundamentialist

2 x Matthew Risman, Leader of the Purifiers

8 x The Purifiers, Army

Plot Twists:

1 x Have A Blast!

1 x Burn Rubber

1 x Endangered Species

1 x Cutting Loose

1 x Rogue Squadron

1 x Duty Calls

2 x Pathetic Attempt

2 x Finishing Move

2 x Graduating Class

3 x Purified

3 x Nasty Surprise

4 x Straight to the Grave

4 x Messiah Complex

4 x Survival of the Fittest


1 x Birthing Chamber


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