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My VS Career

Posted by blantern on February 27, 2009

Wow, I first got into VS like a lot of players, I migrated from Yu-Gi-oh. My first rare was reign of terror, (my friend got over on us real good) My first team was Sentinels, I ran both Curve and Vomit. The timeline inwhich I entered the game was about a month before Marvel Knights came out.

Between Marvel Knights and Green Lantern, I switched to Crime Lords, then X-Statix, Common Enemy and I played with manhunters ( remember the entire 0 cost cant be stun scare???)Avengers and Justice league came out, I reverted to Sentinel Curve.

When Infinite Crisis arrived on the scene, I played with Villains United (pure, not deep green) I perfected them and kept them as my main team through X-Men.

When Legions came out, I skipped them at first, due to the strength of my Hearlds and Kree deck, though I would later buy a Darkseid and Future Foes deck, which would both cause havok.

When Marvel Team-up came out, I chose underworld, then ran Legionares with World’s Finest I ran Revenge Squad. Enter the Legend series!!!!

Marvel Legends, I ran 198 (Juggernant legend) and Heroes in the City (Fan 4 + Marvel Knight Punisher legend) DC Legends, I ran Secret Society (Grodd legend)

With Marvel Universe, I ran Avengers-Shield-Thunderbolts (Iron Man) and Hulk! With Marvel Evolution, I run Exiles, purifiers and working on Maruders.

Deck / Stats
Fav. Team: Sentinel (Curve and Vomit)

(Based on current standards)


Heroes of the City
Shield (Avengers + Thunderbolts)
Secret Society
Jokes on You!!(Injustice Gang + Secret Society + Arkham)

Worlds Finest


2 Responses to “My VS Career”

  1. How is Heroes of the city? Do you have a solid build that you could post? I’ve been deciding how to take them (curve or swarm).

    Also, how do you do the Purifiers? I was thinking about mixing them with Mystique, Raven and Identity Theft since Stryker can pull her back repeatedly from the KO’d pile. Thoughts?

  2. blantern said

    Both Posted in separate posts! Thanks for the comments, and keep them coming!!! Also bring friends!!! Non-skrull preferred

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