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Card of the moment: Path of destruction

Posted by blantern on January 25, 2009

This card of the moment is really a blast from the past.


When it first debuted, (Man of Steel) its only shining point was in draft/sealed tourney. It was over shadowed by other common cards, such as mega-blast!. But now, it makes its return, thanks to DC Legends.

Let’s look at the text for starters:

Target attacker you control gets +2 atk this attack and an additional +2 atk this attack for each other card named path of destruction in your ko’d pile.

Pros: Even if negated, playing another will help you jump above the curve.

Cons: Can’t be played from your resource row (unless its the upper one)

A team that can really abuse this card: Secret Society. Straight to the grave automatically puts a path in your KO pile, so when you play it youre at +4 Atk, at that moment.


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