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Some United Villains [Arkham, Injustice Gang, Secret Society]

Posted by blantern on December 13, 2008

badguysThis deck is truly funny. It incorporates about three different decks in one. The first one, is field domination via the jokes on you!, but then it evolved into almost total destruction, by throwing in Secret Society and Injustice Gang with a splash of Arkham.I always wanted to make a Sunburst deck when I read what it does. Once I saw its cost, I looked for a 2 drop to use, and Zazzala fit the build perfectly. When looking at the deck, injustice for all seemed to be the way to go. But that didn’t interest me, so the other other theme I could figure that would help the deck is Jokes on You!, Joker was already a good 4 drop, [though Hush is the perfect one for field destruction, yes I have a hush/darkseid duet deck..I’ll post later] Darkseid is the strongest 5 drop for this deck, so I decided to add remote facility to the equation, due to the high amount of discard cards in the deck. I also decided to play off of 4 drop joker, and also All too easy, thats why I added 4 gang-ups, since I have Charaxes to sacrifice into bigger drops, because he can keep coming back, its no real way for sunburst to backfire on you!!
Characters (1-8)

3 x The Joker @ Red Hood, The Man Who Laughs
1 x The Riddler, Riddle Me This
3 x Zazzala @ Queen Bee, H.I.V.E. Monarch
1 x Charaxes, Moth Monster
4 x Two-Face, Jekyll and Hyde
3 x The Joker, Headline Stealer
1 x Hush – Silent and Deadly
3 x Darkseid, Destroyer of Life
1 x Lex Luthor, Metropolis Mogul
3 x The Joker, Killer Smile
1 x Supernova, Daniel Carter
1 x Basil Karlo @ Ultimate Clayface, Mud Pack
1 x Bat-Mite, 1 Fan

Plot twists:

4 x Secert files
2 x Blind Side
4 x All Too Easy
4 x Gang-Up
3 x Nasty Surprise
2 x From the Shadows
2 x Death Trap
2 x Pathetic Attempt
2 x Sunburst
2 x The Joke’s On You!
2 x Have a Blast!
1 x Crackshot

2 x Remote Facility
3 x Laughing Gas

Step by Step:

1 Drop: Joker and The Riddler:  Joker is the main star in the deck, but you just cannot deny the power of the Edward Nigma (The Riddler if you’ve been under a rock for the past 10 or more years) out the gate. Joker with laughing gas sets up your intended 2 drop.

2 Drop: The Queen and Charaxes: The Queen Bee, is the main drop because of sunburst. Since she’ll be at 4/4, she’ll be ok defending, and you can send joker into their 2 drop for sunburst food.

3 Drop: Two-Face: Discard a card, which is mainly to get charaxes in the KO pile, or to keep your 2 drop at 4/4.

4 drop: Where the fun starts!!! Joker and Hush. Hush is mainly for defense, which explains the nasty surprise. Joker, you should be able to flip a jokes on you!, Hopefully you can scarifice you’re 2 drop into a 3 or 4 with a All too easy. Then you can send two-face into the other one. Joker attacks direct or picks on a low drop with a from the shadows to stop nasty surprise.  Joker swings last, so you could return a character or two back to their owner’s hand to further his own effect.

5 Drop: Luthor and Darkseid! Luthor is mainly because of his massive defense, and he could prove to be a bit of a problem. Darkseid furthers the idea of killing. {While defending, I thought of using home surger but because my 6 drop is joker usually, I decided against it} Team up Secret Society and Injustice gang, then Arkham with either of them if needed.

-* If you have Odds that game *- Clear their field, Joker should attack direct, or clear their field so you will have the advantage on 6 and up!

6 drop: Joker, This is the strongest attacking drop. Really, you should be able to almost end the game at this point. If you went through alternate drops, then it should be Luthor,  Charaxes,  Hush MAYBE, but if done right Hush should kill the 4th and 5th drop. If not, then it should be darkseid, Charaxes and joker. Depending on their formation, you want to blindside, joker and a couple of all too easy! so you could stun two characters. Even if they pathetic attempt the stun, you still should get massive breakthrough and massive burn from one attack. If you miss the 6, ram Darkseid into the 6 to KO it, since they might’ve just taken about 15 from that swing [if they PA the stun] so an additional 12 should be out of the question. Charaxes is there to death trap their 6.  {On an interesting note, I have went into the 7 drop, with only Charaxes or no characters in play. }

7 drop: The deck isn’t designed to make it this far, but Clayface is a 16/16.

8 Drop: The same as 7, Bat-Mite is 18/20, should be clean up!


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