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Darkseid is the BEST SEID!

Posted by blantern on December 7, 2008

Silver Age Darkseid

Darkseid CoolMr. Mr. Darkseid, replacing on the curve.

We all know and love his ways…here’s the deck


2 x Mad Harriet

2 x Apokoliptian Zealots

4 x Malice Vundabar

3 x Dark Firestorm, Mockery

4 x Darkseid Apokoliptian Oppressor

1 x Dark Warrior, Mockery

1 x Darkseid, 8th Century

1 x Darkseid, Destroyer of life

1 x Dark Superboy, Mockery

2 x Darkseid, The Omega

1 x Dark Champion, Mockery

1 x Dark Kryptonian * Dark Superboy, Mockery

3 x Kara Zor-El * Supergirl, Female Fury

1 x Darkseid, Dark God

1 x Darkseid, Nemesis

Plot twists:

1 x Servats of Darkness

1 x Unravel Reality

1 x Lord of Apololips

1 x Dark Fury

1 x End Game

1 x Thank Granny Goodness

2 x All Hail Darkseid!

2 x Price of Treason

2 x Ancient Evils

2 x Anti-Life

3 x Titans of Tomorrow

3 x Created from Hate

3 x No Match for Darkseid

3 x Omega Effect


2 x Dark Matter Drain

1 x Planet Weapon

1 x Ancient Throne

2 x 31st Century Apokolips

The main focus is resource control with some burn. Which is really effective, I decided to add in the mockery crew because of the effects they bring to the table. [draw, extra stun, more atk] The only modification I would make is on the 5, the old 5 drop [8th century] is nice, but Destroyer of life is so much more dangerous. [its featured in another deck which I have constructed and will post up soon]

There are 3 cards that make Darkseid non-unique. The other way I ran this deck, I used 4 of the team-ups and used Dessad, Dark Side Therapy so I could have Anger and Hates, along with unnatual selection, but then I reverted back to this build due to the constant hands full of Secret Society cards and no Secret Society character. All in all, he has nice control, oh planet weapon with dark matter drain is such a must, so you can eliminate any low cost face up resources and get them for 3 or better. Unravel reality is actually quite powerful in this deck also, and the fun part is that due to the high number of search cards, [3 created from hate 4 titans of tomorrow] you bypass pathetic attempt, and due to your locations Omnipotence isn’t an issue. Other than a high amount of backrow removers, this deck really have no weakness.


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