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MEV Preview!!!!! First Class

Posted by blantern on October 9, 2008

First off welcome men, women, children of all ages, affiliations and Skrull infiltrators alike!

Welcome to the gauntlet of Vs!!! But enough about that, lets get to the main reason you’re here!


First off, yes this screams MONEY CARD!!! Because of the combos, the beautiful combo’s that you can pull off with this card in X-Factor Energize! Just in case you have no idea what Energize does, whenever a defender with energize defends, read it. I know, a lot of people want to say it sounds DC-Ish but we have the marvel defenders.

 I think the main purpose for first class is really defense, because if you have two side by side defenders, after one gets attacked, reinforce, then when your other character gets attacked, energize, First class, reinforce, and now your opponet is back at square one of having to attack the first character character again.


  • No high cost to play, just simply exhaust someone who isn’t doing anything, then discard a card and use the effect.
  • Helps you keep your board prescience.
  • You get to re-use your powers, which could help some guys out A LOT. [Strong Guy, Guido Carosella anyone?]
  • It calms down pathetic attempt (they only have 4, or maybe 8 with Siphon Energy)


 Getting a playset of these will be such a pain.

Wow, this seems to be a part of their bread and butter of the deck, but before you order you’re cases, let sit down and look at a few of them.

  •  The two biggest threats to this mechanic are Lex Luthor,Metropolis Mogul aka I’m King of the universal remote, and Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace.
  • On the plot twist side of things, you can now force someone to use up their pathetic attempts early in the game. [think Ice Man] Cards like You’re Under Arrest!, and even equips like Electron Scrambler, will get more play.
  • It makes defending against Hush – Silent and Deadly, less than a pain.

2 Responses to “MEV Preview!!!!! First Class”

  1. Fiend28 said

    Good review so true with the first con posted

  2. captaincomet said

    That’s a sexy sexy card. X-Factor is going to be insane.

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