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Clone Saga or Episode V(s) ATK of the CLONES!!!!

Posted by blantern on October 2, 2008

Lets go over the Rules:

  • Silver age is the format:
  • Characters are not unique, hence the clone theme…..SWEET! Vs has out done itself again, cause I would love some more BYOT action, but this will do even better.

The power players:

These are just the decks I would watch out for, because with basic uniqueness rules they are quite troublesome, but now, if they don’t have to go out the way to be non-unique, its really a bother:

  • Doom– The man, I am leaning towards him
  • Iron Man– It can happen, I would not recommend it, but you have 3,4, a killer 5, use the Illuminati 5 with a shield agent on 6, iron man on 7. Hulk busters and Extremis Upgrade, Undisclosed location, Iron man is a fighter!
  • Batman– 3 drop aka million dollar baby. 4 drop outsider batman [does his effect stack?]
  • Superman / Batman -We know about the worlds finest deck, but you don’t have to sub out 3 drop batman for Barbara Gordon, or you can wait for a better time to best of the best on higher drops.
  • Captain America: Its cap, rally, the shield, charging star, final justice, you know the drill people.
  • Darkseid: More dangerous, because now thats about 3 or 4 cards not needed to make him not unique.
  • Tim drake, Vic Stone, Beast Boy- Titans, with some more interesting scenarios: Only 1 Tim is needed at a given time, but 2 or 3 Weapon upgrades in play at once with teen titan go’s will kill someone on the 5 or the 6. Oh, and if you make it to 6 with multiple Cyborgs, go get the 6 drop and any other Weapon upgrades to end it. But, since trying to get some weapon upgrades is so hard to do [1 or 2 search cards and Birthing chamber might not cut it, even invasion plans can’t guarantee anything]
  • Human Torch– One of the most difficult ones, esp. with the ultimate version just coming out. It can be done, a lot of stunning, and decreasing, plus the rest of the fan 4 family will help. Clobbering times, torch and thing, you know.
  • Mr.fantastic– Same as torch, but with more search, better defense, real fun to work with, esp. with inhumans.
  • Invisible woman– Either inhumans, or fan 4 fun, but with probably the most defense of a clone Fan 4 deck.
  • Wolverine– X-Men assembles, 3,4,5, 6 [use him for discard food] 7, attack, recover, attack again. Simple, plain, hard and painful!
  • Juggernaut– Unstable grounds + equips means you will stay on curve, with the brotherhood attack cards, or even team them up with X-Men for more damage.
  • Punisher– Really dangerous in this format. He can sniper shot on each drop after 4, then double equip the 4 drop [the only visible character] so everyone else dies. No fan 4 required, even though extra search is good.
  • Silver surfer– Such potential, don’t sleep on the surf dude

It is ongoing, so if you have a idea, let me know and we’ll looking into it.

Notable Staples:

  • Assorted Aliases – Everyone, or almost everyone is the same, so its free +3/+3
  • Damocles Base – Free characters, no downside.
  • The Captain – Can’t Remember His Real Name – A nice 7/6 sub for whatever character you have.
  • Carrying the torch – Any other name characters can gain them.
  • Uncertain Legacy-Free search, better than mobilze.

2 Responses to “Clone Saga or Episode V(s) ATK of the CLONES!!!!”

  1. blues686 said

    Hey I think you forgot spiderman and quicksilver

  2. blantern said

    Nah, Someone else was supposed to post both those decks, but good looking though..I’ll get on them so they can add it

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