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Wolverine Legend aka AOA Goodness….Aka Wolve’ n the goons!!

Posted by blantern on September 27, 2008

I know, I know, its supposed to be DC Modern, but this is a MAA Wolverine Legend deck….pretty dangerous all things considered..something I will be walking [or running sometimes] into battle with. Its very well put together, since Rogue n Mimic double as both 6 n 8 drops. From fighting this deck, its only weakness is pathetic attempt on BOTH ends [not having one to protect 4 drop wolverine, and catching one from 7 drops effect]

Characters: from biggest to smallest]

3 x Drop Wolverine, BloodLust
1 x Mimic, Exile
4 x Rogue, Age of Apocalypse
1 x Blink, Age of Apocalypse
3 x Cyclops, Fearless Leader
4 x Wolverine, Age of Apocalypse
4 x Sunfire, Age of Apocalypse
1 x Havok, Unstable Son
4 x Bishop, Age of Apocalypse
4 x Shadowcat, Phase Shifter

Location :

3 x Cerebro
3 x Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning

Plot twists:

2 x Pathetic Attempt
4 x Sneak Attack
3 x Berserker Rage
3 x Children of the Atom
2 x Healing Factor
2 x Adamantium Claws
2 x Battle Tactics
3 x Turnabouts
4 x X-Men Assemble!


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