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Legion of super heroies…aka the group of crazy kids hitting you for crazy damage

Posted by blantern on September 23, 2008

Plot twist:
3 x Let’s Go, Legionnaires!
1 x Big Leagues
1 x New Recruits
4 x Many Worlds
2 x Blinding Light
1 x The Future is Changing
3 x Legion of Super-Pets
4 x Foiled Assassination
1 x Long Live The Legion

1 x Legion Headquarters
2 x Science Police Central
1 x Cosmic Tuning Fork
2 x Legion World

2 x Flight Ring
1 x Ego Gem, Unique ? Infinity Gem


3 x Jazmin Cullen <> Kid Quantum, Hero of Xanthu
3 x Triad, Luornu Durgo
1 x R.J. Brande, Philanthropist
3 x Ferro Lad, Andrew Nolan
1 x Timber Wolf, Brin Londo
2 x Xs, Jenni Ognats
1 x Spark, Ayla Ranzz
3 x Wildfire, Drake Burroughs
3 x Live Wire, Garth Ranzz
1 x Brainiac 5.1, Querl Dox
1 x Star Boy, Thom Kallor
2 x Sun Boy, Dirk Morgna
1 x Cosmic Boy. Rokk Krinn
2 x Kara Zor-El <> Supergirl, Lost in Time
2 x Colossal Boy * Leviathan, Gim Allon
2 x Mon-el <> Valor, Lar Gand

Yes yes…the mighty Legion…now first off…heres a play by play:

1 Drop: Triad, discard a card go up to 2 additional triads…all for one card..
Ego gem- 1 extra card
Legion Headquarters- save triad’s cosmic counter
Jazmin Cullen <> Kid Quantum, Hero of Xanthu bring her out for free,

2 drop: This is an interesting drop, this is where business picks up
– Cosmic tunning fork- I would advise using your Illuminati or future is changing to make sure you’ll get a couple of characters, then ego gem
Science Police Central- If you control the turn, which you should, everyone gets +2. Which makes Ferro Lad kind of dangerous [7 on the 2 drop!] Or if you have to under drop with triad [who is not unique, you’ll have 2 1 drop 3 attackers] Also, Jazmin should have her cosmic counter, so she’s 4/1 on the 2…after you slaughter them, 3 drop.

3 drop: Tunning fork first, which should prepare you for the 4 drop, then its Xs time to shine, either swing twice, or ego gem twice, or attack, then ego gem, she has cosmic surge so as long as she’s up, she’ll earn. If they try to bash any of your characters, use Let’s Go, Legionnaires! and by now, when it looks like you’ll have to KO too many characters, use Foiled Assassination if you have to save Jazmin, she’s the character to return to your hand because she comes out for free, and recover Ferro Lad or Xs. Plus flip a blinding light around now,

4 drop: Wildfire time! Also, you should have flipped Legion World by now. From now on, your main targets are the 4, 5, and 6-drops, because with Legion world that turns into 8 10 12, esp. with your lower drops, a legion of super-pets, and also, you should really use your foiled assassinations, because when you recover, Wildfire gives them a cosmic counter, which you can replace for 2 worlds to draw a card, or fetch a character from the KO pile. [You play with Star boy to discard for cosmic, not to recruit, thats why you have 5 5 drops]

5 drop: The main drop is Brianiac, he gives you a free card, which has been a strong theme here..also, give him a flight ring, he could use plus 2 atk, by now, along with Ego gem, cosmic tuning fork, you should have went through most of your deck..and if 2 worlds gave you something bad on the back row, or if you have another unique location you aren’t using, Air strike it away…

6 drop: Sun Boy, Dirk Morgna, if your attacking, send Brianiac, and Jazmin into their 6 drop, If you have an idle cosmic waiting around..then save brianiac but otherwise I’ll trade 5 endurance for 12. But if you have blinding light out, just remove sun boy’s Cosmic to save your team attackers and then give it right back to bout that helping hand? Sun boy should hit their 5 drop for a massive 16. Don’t try to egg on damage with Lets Go Legionaries! I know, 20 seems massive, but you’ll need that plus 4 while me…but, if You can, Foiled assassination Jazmin if both your 5 and 6 fell, and wait for the 7 drop

7 drop: Kara Zor-El, Ms super girl..give her your second flight ring..she’s now at 18 Attack so she can now pick on 8 drops, if your defending this turn, Colossal Boy, which gives you a +2/+2, reinforce, blow your last let’s go legionaires, and Foiled Assassinations here..the people you want to keep at this point try to make one of your target defenders have that ego gem, because Jazmin will be your target to go back into your hand…and loosing that gem this late in the game..well if you can loose it then go head..but that’s 1 extra card you’ll get for the big sha bang a bang [if, for some stupid reason your opponent doesn’t under drop, then recover a non-cosmic surge character for wildfire, then starboy if you can]

8 Drop….wow…well make sure you bring out ms Jazmin first, then bring out Mon-El. He should be around 21 on average, but I’ve had him up to 24…I doubt you’ll make it this far..seeing as how with legion’s world, your opponent lost [the maximum depending on which turns you control, 20 for even and 19 for odd] and now, you’ll send Wildfire and Brianiac [both with cosmic, and both adjacent to ms. Kora Zor-El so no stun lost to you] with your last legion of super-pets into their 8 drop, so thats a free 16, then send ms Kora Zora-El, with her new cosmic counter for 20, and ms Jazmin [if you have an extra legion of super-pets, if not, go for the Breakthrough!] Then Mon-El will swing freely…and without care…

Legion’s only real weakness is no natural (or team stamped) KO card…I think that’s something that hurts them a lot..because if it becomes a recovery fight, Legion World will become that X factor, because no matter how hard they try to hit you, after 4 drop they’ll loose at least 10 a drop. The fact that most of their characters are without range hurts..badly. The 4, alternate 5, 6, 7 and 8 have both flight and range..but 1-3…nope. But, most of them are reservists, so if you replace with 2 worlds, or air strike you won’t miss out on too much if you get a character after replacing.

They have search, even though I like using cosmic tunning fork more because it speeds your deck up and has potential. They have revival, great support, and nice effects that gel together. A character that comes out for free [Jazmin],a great way to regain cosmic [discard star boy] draw power [Briainiac], Gain cosmic when you recover [Wildfire] and a one turn kill if you under drop[Live Wire, Garth Ranzz, on the 6 drop, after he gains a cosmic, boost with Sun Boy, Dirk Morgna, team attack their 7 drop so they loose 23 from that attack alone, then ram anyone else that’s left, it’ll be 23, plus 12, plus 10 should kill anyone..and make sure you Long live legionaries your 6 and 5 so you’ll live also…Along with some nice burn, [Legion’s world]

The alternate drops:
Spark, she’s just a sub for Saturn girl, and plus she has flight, range and is a reservist, as is most of the deck, so if you replace something you can still recover the resource..since they have only 1 terraform location. Once you hit the low drops, just the alternate low drops for cosmic tunning fork food.


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