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Revenge Squad aka The Guys (n Gals) that still want your lunch money!!!

Posted by blantern on September 10, 2008

For starters, this is a work in motion. The Format I want to use the deck in, will be modern, but for now, its Silver (6 drop Brainiac 2.5) and it flows so off. I am lacking 2 key things, Executive decision, and Professior Emil Hamilton * Ruin, that is the major strain on my deck right now.

Characters: (from 8 drop to 1 drop)

2 x Solaris, Tyrant Sun
3 x Brainiac 13, B-13
1 x Indigo, Brainiac 8
2 x Brainiac 2.5, future intelligence
3 x Doomsday,  Evolution Advanced
1 x Preus, Citzen’s Patrol
2 x Lex Luthor, Master Manipulator
1 x Hank Henshaw * Cyborg, Manhunter Grandmaster
2 x Metallo, Kryptonite Heart
2 x Atomic Skull, Cursed
1 x Professior Emil Hamilton * Ruin, Power Suit
2 x Alexandra Allston * Parasite, Power Drain
1 x Satanus, Colin Thornton
4 x Tera-Man, Toby Manning
4 x Winslow Schott * Toyman, Childs Play


3 x Power Armor

Plot Twists:

1 x Hunt For Nitro
4 x Battle for Metropolis
2 x Future Shock
2 x She-Hulk SMASH!
1 x Standoff
1 x Pathetic Attempt
1 x Messiah Complex
2 x No Retreat, No Surrender
1 x Invasion Plans
1 x Fatal Weakness
1 x Hidden Agenda
2 x Executive Privilage
2 x Imprisoned in the Source
1 x Knowledge is Power
1 x Never-Ending Battle
1 x Dimensional Deal
1 x World’s Worstest
1 x Hostile Take Over


There are really two ways to run this team, (well in my opinion)

Luthor Administration: The goal, is for you to give 5 drop Luthor as big as possible, since his effect requires you to stun a ready adjacent character, 4 drop Metallo is the perfect target. Stun him, Luthor is at 11/11, and your opponet looses 5, all for the cost of 4 endurance. Then, lets say Metallo survives to the 6, stun him again, so they loose 10, and luthor is at 15/15 on the 6. Bring out Indigo on turn 7, stun her, so Luthor gets a massive 7/7 and you gain 1 endurance out of it. (Your goal is to attack on odd turns, so you because at the very least, he’ll be at 18/18 without any modifications.)

The 2nd way, well is to just curve out and fight.  Terra-Man is one of your main fighters, after him, Professor H. to get whatever you need, (should be either Battle for Metropolis or Executive DecisionAtomic Skull, on the 5 I’ve found that Preus gets a little more play than Hank Henshaw, now, before you ask why, since he can go into a deck and strip something out, look at his stats 7/10. If you put everyone in the front row, he’ll be at 13/10. If you have any Dimensional deal (for defense) or Battle for Metropolis, then he’s at 17/10 without the power armor, on 6, I will go strictly with Doomsday, he starts at 14, he can get to 18, depending on your on-going plot twists, and about 20 with the armor.


  • Characters:

6 drop:  I will run only 4 Doomsday,  Evolution Advanced. This not only makes the deck modern, but helps the draw.

  • Plot Twist:

Dimensional Deal for World’s Worstest. Good team up, but only 1 character in the deck has loyalty, and he’s loyalty-reveal but +1 Atk while defending is better.

Future shock for She-Hulk Smash. +2 Atk for each character in opponents front row can get real dangerous, (its funny how that card would almost crush this deck.) but I usually hit my ongoing plot twists each turn, so after the 4th drop, that is  +4/-4 or while attacking or defending, (hence the reinforcement card) and I can sacrifice either Tera-man or Professor Hamilton into a bigger character,  so it makes sense that this would me my main attacking card.

Executive Decision for Hidden Agenda. Hidden Agenda isn’t a bad card, but unless someone just knocks down my characters, and is about to attack direct (5 drop wolverine anyone…..) that is about the only use for that card, and not to mention that you still loose stun damage if they were hit already. The safest character that you can use that on, would be Metallo, because they will burn along with you.


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