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The Illuminati aka The Guys Doing Things You Have No Idea About…

Posted by blantern on August 29, 2008


One of the more difficult teams in MUN to run, The Illumaniti.  We all know them comically, so let’s get right to it.

From the start, this is going to be playing chess with some checker-minded decks, which is extremely dangerious because about 90% of the deck’s characters are hidden, and about 95% of the deck targets your opponet in some manner or fashion. Buy, even faced with such adverse odds, the illumaniti is not only a contender, but they can, and will be a huge problem, even long before the gauntlet comes out.

If you ask anyone who has had the pleasure of fighting the illumaniti, they’ll tell you that if they aren’t dead by the 5th turn, more than likely they lost to them. This point is true, because when I had the pleasure of fighting them in an HL with my Warbound, you really only have three key drops to finish them off. (Oh, to any warbound out there, if you get hulk on 3, DONT replace him, just go brood, hiroim, his wife, and attack stun everyone else and attack some more…but I digress)

The basic stats of the illumaniti:

* Stall / control
* 90% charactes hidden
* Powerful hand destruction abilities.

Now, for what you’ve been waiting on, the Deck:

Characters: (In order of lowest to highest)

 4 x Black Bolt, enemy within

1 x Professior X, Mutant Benefactor

2 x Mr. Fantastic, Protector of the Power Gem

3 x Professior X, Protector of the Mind Gem

3 x Sub-Mariner, Protector of the Time Gem

4 x The Captain, Can’t Remember His Name

3 x Iron Man, Protector of the Reality Gem

1 x Iron Man, Ultimates

1 x Dr. Strange Ally Of The Four


4 x Undisclosed Location


2 x Med Kit

Plot Twists:

1 x Essence of Zom

1 x Heroes For Hire

1 x Empire’s End

1 x Pathetic Attempt

1 x Chilly Reception

2 x The 100 Ideas

2 x Omnipotence

2 x Realm Of The Mind

3 x The Elektra Situation

4 x The Infinity Gauntlet

4 x Secert Government

4 x Clandestine Operations

4 x Superhuman Registration Act



  •  The biggest Drop in the Deck is 6, which is Dr. Strange (Ally of the 4), who readies all Fan 4 characters at the start of the combat phase, but they can’t attack. So, if you add a team-up (Heroes for Hire) you can gauntlet twice on the 6 drop.
  •  The characters that will be in your visible area (1,4, one 5, and 6) should be your med kit focus.
  • *The listed deck has a strong focus on hand destruction, along with the gauntlet. Realm of the mind, (for those of you who never seen or used it, during the combat phase, exhaust professior X, target opponet discards a card and you draw one) along with 3 drop professior X (exhaust two members of the illumaniti, target player puts a card from his hand on top of his deck), then I use two different people to pluck a card from my opponets hand, while setting up on the 4 drop for the gauntlet.
  • * The Captain is such a major piece in this deck. With his effect, not only do you draw cards, but he gains a certain name, which allows him to be food for almost every effect in the deck and loyality labeled cards like Essence of Zom and The 100 Idea’s playable.
  • *5 drop Iron Man (Ultimates) lets you look at target players hand and remove a non-character card from play during the combat phase, which helps in the hand destruction.
  • * Omnipotence is needed because there are two main cards to worry about, effect negation (Pathetic Attempt), cards that KO/ Replace resources (have a blast! or Death of a dream.)
  • The Elektra Situation is for really troublesome characters, which include:
    • Batman, Founding Member
    • Wonder Woman, Ambassador Of Peace
    • Superman, Metropolis Marvel (He starts at 8/8, but if you factor in your field, he’s at 13/13 trying to ram into the captain or anyone else)
    • Wolverine, Secert Avenger
    • Wolverine, Agent of Shield, Hydra (With him on the field, you stand to loose at least 6 a turn, which is really troublesome by the 5th drop, because that’s 18 already)
    • Viper, Madame Hydra,
    • Blade, Independent contractor (Not only can he get into the hidden area, he also moves anyone he attacks)
    • Batman, Cape and Cowl
    • Anyone else who can go run into the hidden area, or target your resource row with little to no effort.


But if you’re Not into hand destruction here are the alterations that you should consider:

  • Any reinforcement card.
  • Pathetic Attempt
  • Empire’s End

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